Havi's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

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Hindered Recovery

Posted on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 13:48 by Johanna Ebert

Poor little Havi, we all hoped that he was on his way to recovering, as he was almost weaned off the ECMO machine which does much of the work of the heart. But on Friday morning we received the news that Havi had a hemorrhage in his brain, and they took him in the surgery room to drain the blood. Because the ECMO machine requires blood thinner to do its job, he had to be taken off it to try to stop the bleeding. Noelle and I drove immediately to the hospital to support Havi's mum, she couldn’t stop crying and feared the worst. But a little hope arose as the doctor said Havi's heart was working without the ECMO. So we waited and prayed for Havi and the doctor who operated on him. At around 1 o’clock he was back at his ICU room, now with an open skull to reduce the pressure. The blood pressure was still very low and he wasn’t in a good condition, but still alive. Praise the Lord!

Over the afternoon different people visited Havi‘s mum and gave her strength in this most difficult situation. Maxine stayed with her overnight, as understandably she was physically and emotionally fatigued from the many days of uncertainty. Knowing that Maxine would look after Havi, she relaxed enough to get some sleep. The next day the heart was working well and the blood pressure was better, but he had still problems with his kidneys. Daryan‘s mum, who is a good friend of Havi‘s mum spent the day with her. We are so thankful for the good relationships between the mums, that they can talk in their own language makes it much easier for them.

At the moment his heart and blood pressure are still doing well, and we’re waiting and praying for a full recovery. That God will give strength to Havi‘s little body, that he can heal without any negative effect for his future. He is able to do this miracle and we trust Him! We want also include in our prayers Havi‘s mum, the family (we hope his Dad can come to Israel) and all the doctors and nurses who are included in this case.

Optimistic for the Future

Posted on Sun, 04/15/2018 - 23:39 by Co-authored
Noelle Chung writes: 
Havi went through a difficult time during the weekend. His heart, with the rearranged structures after the surgery, did not function well enough to pump blood to the whole body. So, Havi has been using the ECMO machine which temporarily takes over the roles of the heart and the lungs.
His heart function is slowly being recovered, as today’s echo results showed. The doctor is optimistic about the future courses. He started a medicine which helps the heart muscles, and will check via echo tomorrow to see if Havi can wean off the ECMO machine. 
Robyn Stuart continues: 
Today at little Havi’s hospital room we found his Mum sitting devotedly at his side. She was glad to see Noelle and I when we arrived. She updated us in a mix of Arabic and English sentences. We were happy to see she was emotionally strong enough to relay the details. She was glad to come outside of the ICU for lunch with us and we joined some other mums as well. After lunch we sat with her again in Havi’s room where we relaxingly chatted about family and passed on many well wishes from members of our Shevet community. At the end of our visit we felt Havi’s mum was well informed about his treatment and what the medical staff were anticipating the next hours would look like. She seemed settled and content. Please continue to cover Mum in prayer as she journeys with little Havi in his healing process.

Surgery Day

Posted on Thu, 04/12/2018 - 23:01 by Noelle Chung
Today is Havi’s surgery day. The preparation began around 7:30 in the morning. After explanation about the anesthesia, doctors and nurses brought Havi into the operation room. Despite fasting and unfamiliar situations, Havi did not cry much. However, Havi’s mum cried as Havi went into the surgery room. 
 The surgery finished earlier than we expected. The doctor said that all the procedures were done successfully, and there was no problem during the surgery. The chest is not fully closed yet, waiting a couple of days for the structures will settle down without pushing each other.
Havi’s mum exulted by the good news of the successful surgery, and called family members to tell the news. On the other hand, she was very worried about Havi’s open chest, concerning if it was because something went wrong. Then the professor came and explained  the reason and reassured her that there was nothing to worry about. A relative of her was also with her, and she strengthened and encouraged Havi’s mum. We are so grateful for her love and help.
Havi is in ICU now, sedated. We are praying for lovely Havi, that he will recover soon and regain healthy life.

Admitted for Surgery

Posted on Wed, 04/11/2018 - 21:06 by Johanna Ebert

Suhail, Esther and I accompanied Havi and his mum to the hospital. He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. His mum was very nervous, she had still many questions. Fortunately we could speak with the surgeon, who was very kind and explained a lot to her. After this conversation she was reassured and gave her permission for the surgery. It was followed by a long waiting time for a free bed, the hospital is actually very full and they needed to discharge children first. We made the best of it and organized a picnic in the middle of the playground area.

It was quite fun! Around 4 o’clock we got a room for him in another ward, only for one night. Please pray for the surgery for sweet little Havi and for strength to Havi‘s lovely mum! 

Back at Shevet

Posted on Thu, 04/05/2018 - 21:25 by Johanna Ebert

Havi‘s oxygen could be stabilized over night and he was able to come home with us. The mum was very glad, she said the one baby in her room was crying the whole night.

Havi was happy, as well. He laughed and played during the waiting time at the hospital and at the trip back to Jaffa.

Only as the nurse removed the IV he cried short. On Sunday the doctor want decide what’s the next step is for him. Let’s pray that our heavenly father give the doctor wisdom and the right decision!

Testing Day

Posted on Wed, 04/04/2018 - 18:45 by Robyn Stuart

This morning we ventured off early with little Havi and his Mum to Sheba hospital.

During the journey Havi was generously giving smiles to everyone as usual even though he had fasted through the night. We were promptly seen by the staff and Havi had his echocardiogram.

Unfortunately the doctor could not gain enough detail so he ordered a CT scan to be done. Havi had to be sedated for this procedure. We had an exciting journey via the streets to another building to use an available machine, presumably because of the holidays.

During Havi's recovery period back at the heart centre his oxygen saturation levels dropped too low for him to be allowed home. His Mum at this point became a little anxious but we reassured her that it was best to have Havi stay so he could be monitored through the night.

We look forward to seeing them back at the house and pray that God will direct the doctors as they make their decisions on how to heal Harvi's heart. 

First Hospital Visit

Posted on Tue, 03/27/2018 - 22:13 by Joannah Quesenberry
"I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children." Isaiah 49:25
Today, Havi and his mother had their first doctor's appointment. While waiting for the nurse to call them, I was able to get better acquainted with the little guy. He quickly spotted and then claimed my name-tag, which I was happy to lend him in exchange for a few smiles. When the time came for his ECG and ultrasound, he handled it like a champ, only fussing for a few moments out of the whole procedure. The results of the tests won't be available until tomorrow, but I think even Havi would agree that the visit was a very pleasant one!

Welcome, Havi!

Posted on Sat, 03/24/2018 - 18:12 by Nate Geer
"Behold children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior, so are the children of ones youth, happy is the man who has his quiver full of them."
Our quiver is getting even fuller! Two more families came to us from Kurdistan and Iraq last night. Even though none of these kids are mine, I still feel the blessing of every single precious child that comes to us. And I can't help feeling like a bit of a surrogate father sometimes.
It was a bit of a rocky start for them in Israel, they lost a bag, so they needed to file a claim and make arrangements to get the baggage delivered before they could come out to the greeting hall to meet us, this resulted in them being about an hour later than we were expecting. Even though it was late into their second night without sleep, both mothers and children had amazing attitudes and were as excited to meet us as we were to meet them. Of the two children, we were most worried about Havi's condition, he has multiple heart defects and we had seen in his file that his baseline oxygen was rather low. However, our fears were relieved after a quick assessment that showed he was doing just fine. As soon as we got settled in the van for the drive home, Havi gripped my finger with his strong little hand and did not let go the entire trip!
I want to cover a little bit more about Havi's medical condition because it is rather unique; one defect he has is called Dextrocardia, that means his heart points to the right side of his chest rather than the left. Also his right ventricle pumps blood to not only the lungs, but the entire body as well because both his aorta and pulmonary artery connect to his right ventricle. 
Please pray for the Lord's healing work and for the medical staff who will be making a plan for his treatment of all these defects. May the Lord be glorified.