Hawnaz's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Hawnaz Arrives Just in Time

Posted on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 00:19 by Jasmin Ludwig

Today we went to hospital at 6.30 am with our three new families. Our new patient Hawnaz is a really kind and adorable girl. She is here at Shevet with her father who is really likeable and funny too.

As we droped our friend Archie at the airport today we arrived a little later then Rebekah, Ruth and the families. Once we arrived we had a pretty busy day. After a short waiting we first went to the blood check. During the waiting time I had the chance to spend some time with Hawnaz, and even though I don't speak her language and she doesn't speak English it was fun. I showed her some pictures from my wedding and also some pictures of my family. Whenever she Skyped she made me say "Hello!“ to her family members.

Before the test Hawnaz got some patches on her arms to make it easier to take the blood. She didn't like them that much but she was really brave. Once the blood test was done we went to do the x-rays and had some lunch afterwards. During the day I felt a little sorry for her because she also had a cold and she showed me that she has sore throat.

Our last station today was the echo. We got the good news that we came to visit the hospital for the surgery just in the right time. Hawnaz already had one surgery in Italy when she was younger, and her family was told that she will need another one after several years to replace her pulmonary valve. Because of the calcification it is now necessary in the near future. So God led her to us just in time.

Her surgery is now scheduled for the next week.

Please pray for Hawnaz and her surgery. May God prepare everything according to his plan!

A Beautiful Young Woman

Posted on Tue, 09/06/2016 - 21:05 by Ruth Zellweger

We are thankful to announce that Hawnaz and her father are joining our Shevet community in Israel! Hawnaz is a beautiful, young teenager of 13 years, who already underwent open-heart surgery several years ago in Italy. Over the past months, her condition had deteriorated and she even became unconscious several times in school. Her pulmonic valve is not funtioning correctly and may need to be replaced by an artificial one. We will know more once she has her first assessments at the hospital on Thursday. 

We had met Hawnaz and her parents for the first time in April of this year, when they came to our home in Kurdistan. She was then very shy, which is understandable. Today, Sophie and I already got to experience her other side. She is a very considerate girl, and helped the other mother and grandmother with their luggage. She shed a few tears before we checked in, but since then she has opened up. She told us that she has three younger brothers and helps her mother with cooking. 

We are looking forward to getting to know her more and more and trust our heavenly Father for the perfect timing of healing her heart.