Hedaya's Heart Surgery

Gaza Strip

Post-surgery Echo

Posted on Wed, 01/24/2018 - 18:09 by Sophia Vogt

Today morning we picked up two baby girls from Gaza to bring them to Sheba. Both of them - Hedaya (3 months) and Farah (5 months) - had their surgeries about three months ago. Now everything seems to be ok, the echos were done really quickly.

Hedaya still needed another visit from the doctor, and so we had to wait. And wait... and wait. I have no idea why that took such a long time, but it was a great chance to build relationships with the families. Hedaya's grandma speaks English quite well, so we could talk to each other. I realized, how important it is, to show them love; to let them feel that they are loved. It is so amazing to see the shining eyes of the moms or grandmas when you care for their children. Also a special moment today was, when her grandma laid Hedaya into my arms with the words: pray for her, please.

And that is what we request also from you, please pray for them, and also for their families! That they may see and experience the love of Jesus.

Finally, the doctor called little Hedaya again, and everything was right. So both of the children got their papers and we went back to Gaza, which took us a while, cause we were stuck in the evening rush-hour. Even after these few hours today, it was hard to say goodbye to all of them. Please, keep them in your prayers!

Hedaya's Discharged

Posted on Wed, 10/25/2017 - 22:02 by Alexa Bigl

After just a week at Sheba Medical Center, Hedaya has a healed heart and is sleeping back at her home in Gaza tonight! The Lord is so good and we praise His precious name for the incredible work of healing He has completed.

Hedaya and her energetic grandmother left a special impression on our team as their zeal for life was contagious. In the short time she was there, Hedaya's grandmother made many friends and it was lovely to witness, once again, the community the guardians in the cardiac unit create. We pray the Lord's love was felt by Hedaya and her grandmother and that His light will be shined upon the darkness of this world. Thank you for praying alongside us for tiny baby Hedaya; may the Lord walk by her every step of her life and may she know Him in a personal way as she grows. Hedaya will soon be returning to Israel for a follow-up appointment and we will give you all an update on how she is doing then! 

Hedaya’s Home Run!

Posted on Tue, 10/24/2017 - 22:13 by Maxine Stuart

Hedaya and her grandmother are extremely close to being discharged from Sheba hospital! When we visited her this afternoon her nurse reported that little Hedaya has continued to recover very well. Her face is a wonderfully healthy colour, it is great to see.

She has received the all-clear from most of the doctors, and they were only waiting on final approval from the neurologist. She should be free to go home within the next 24 hours. Praise God for a successful surgery, a good recovery, and another happy heart.

Hedaya is Doing Well

Posted on Sun, 10/22/2017 - 20:54 by Coby van Wijhe

Dear little Hedaya looked so much better than last week. The medical staff are very pleased with her progress. She had still a little support of oxygen (1/2 ltr/min), but otherwise is breathing on her own. Grandma was happy and is getting on well with the other Arab mothers in the hospital. Thanks to God for her smooth recovery! Pray that it will continue! 

Meet Hedaya

Posted on Thu, 10/19/2017 - 23:15 by Coby van Wijhe
Hedaya, a little girl of only 17 days, was last Monday evening admitted to Sheba hospital. This morning we visited her and her grandmother for the first time. When we arrived at the hospital, we had some difficulty finding her. But with the right papers, we were able to find out that she was in for surgery.
She has a VSD and Coarctation (narrowing) of the Aorta. We found the grandmother in the waiting area and with Google translate we were able to communicate a little bit. She is a sweet lady and it was nice chatting with her. Around 2pm, baby Hedaya was back in the ICU and we could see her.
Grandma was pleased to see her again. The doctor said the operation was good. Please pray for her, as she is so tiny and the first 24 hours are the most critical.