Hevi 's Heart Surgery


Beach Day Before Catheterization

Posted on Tue, 08/05/2008 - 01:00 by Keleigh_Glisson

Yesterday, Hank, Erica, Amy and I were able to take the children to the beach in Tel Aviv. Most of them had never seen an ocean before. It was amazing to me how this group of children reacted differently compared with previous groups. The last group of kids ran for the ocean, but this group required a little prodding. With every childs hand clinched tightly to an adult, our toes entered the water. With time each child began to feel more comfortable, but none of them went in past their knees. Their mothers also didnt want to go in the water. Instead, they enjoyed watching the kids from their seats in the shade.

Hevi was the most timid out of all of the kids. She spent about ten minutes in the water and then opted for a seat in the shade next to her mother. When we returned home last night Hevi and her mother prepared themselves for the hospital. She will undergo a catheterization on Wednesday.

Hevi's First Echo Reveals She Will Need a Catheterization Before Surgery

Posted on Sun, 07/27/2008 - 07:46 by Anja_Kell

Hevi and her mother went to the hospital today in order for the nurses to determine the results of her PPD test and for her first echocardiogram. Her PPD test result was negative, but the doctors determined that she will need a catheterization prior to her surgery.


Hevi hasnt been feeling well lately. Often the other children and their parents go for walks in the evening, but she usually chooses to stay home. Please remember to keep her in your prayers.

Hevi Smiling After First Day at Hospital

Posted on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 01:00 by Hannah_Walsh

Today was the first step towards surgery for Hevi as we made our first trip to the hospital. She was quiet throughout the journey but she had a sweet smile and the doctors were very welcoming to her.

She was brave throughout the echo and injections even though I could tell it was painful. Hevi came out of the x-ray with a smile and has been settling in back at the Shevet center in Jerusalem this evening.

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A Tired Hevi Reaches Jerusalem

Posted on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 01:00 by Amy_Denney

After a half a day's travel from Jordan, Hevi and her mom have finally arrived in Israel. Although they looked tired, I know that they are ready to get settled in Jerusalem. Tomorrow, Hevi will go to the hospital to have an echo done.

Hevi and her mother spent a week in Jordan while waiting for their visas to Israel. Our coordinator in Jordan hosted them together with other Iraqi children still waiting for their visas, and reports: "Hevi and Shanaw became good friends while they were here in Jordan. Shanaw cried a lot when Hevi left today."

"Hevi enjoyed doing handycraft, coloring and cutting out things. We played many games together and tried to learn how to play the guitar. But she almost never smiles."