Hewr's Heart Surgery


Road Trip To Jerusalem

Posted on Fri, 06/12/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

We brought Hewr to Jerusalem today, after a long journey from Jordan. At the border there is an automatic door which divides the security portion of the border from the waiting area which prevents one side seeing to the other. But when the automatic door opened for a crossing tour group, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Iraqi families having their passports checked. I know how stressful crossing the border can be, so I smiled and waved to them to let them know I was there, and to reassure them that everything would be okay. They saw me just as the automatic door was closing again and, recognizing me from the Jordan screening, smiled and waved back.

About 20 minutes later they emerged from the security terminal, excited to make it through, but understandably very tired. I greeted them and offered them some snacks since they had certainly been in the border well before lunch time. Minutes later, I secured everyone and everything in our van and, after a few pictures, a few crying babies, some seat shuffling, and some seat belt mishaps, we were on our way to Jerusalem.
Hewr enjoyed the two-hour ride to Jerusalem. He hardly made a fuss and spent most of the time babbling and clapping his hands.

The new families were greeted by all the volunteers and other Iraqi patients who prepared a special Kurdish meal for them.

Hewr Invited To Israel

Posted on Tue, 06/09/2009 - 01:00 by Martha_Berg

Hewr is a 16-month-old baby boy from Iraq. Following his birth, he was on oxygen for 15 days. At our cardiac screeening held last week in Jordan, he was looking quite blue, with an oxygen saturation of 77%. The cardiologist, Dr. Tamir, said Hewr's heart can be fixed, and that his eyes are in need of medical attention (retinal blastoma treatment).

Hewr is one of five children from the screening who are in need of urgent medical care and have been invited to Israel. He's now staying at the home of Dirk and Manuela in Jordan until his turn comes for transfer to Jerusalem.

Dirk writes:

Dr. Tamir asked us to take Hewr for examination by an eye specialist during the screening. We were saddened when the specialist concluded that Hewr would not be able to see all his life other than light and dark, because his eyes were not checked and treated properly after his early birth. Please pray for a miracle, that he might be able to see by God's grace.

Today is the third day back home after the screening which we remember as a joyful and at the same time exhausting experience. Five Iraqi families came to our home in Jordan with us to await their visas to Israel, and like the rest of us passed almost the entire first day at the guest flat sleeping. Of course everything is so new to them, and they were very quiet and did not want to disturb us or use our kitchen although we offered it to them many times. They prepared their own food downstairs, and only when they ran out of water or other necessities did they leave their quarters.