Kovan's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Kovan Is Getting Surgery

Posted on Sun, 12/03/2017 - 22:15 by Alexa Bigl

Kovan was admitted today for surgery tomorrow! He is first on the schedule tomorrow and we are looking forward to his big day finally being right around the corner. His dad didn't fully believe things were actually moving forward until he was in the car on the way to Wolfson.

After so many weeks of waiting and many delays to the anticipated date, it's no wonder he was skeptical. But the Lord's timing seems to finally be coming about! Kovan's mom arrived to Israel late last night and both parents will be here for Kovan's big day!

What a special blessing. God is faithfully working and it is very exciting for us have this little family together here in Israel! 

Thank you for praying with us for tomorrow, Kovan, and Kovan's parents. 

Kovan Back to the Shevet House

Posted on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:42 by Coby van Wijhe

This morning I walked together with two visitors from YWAM to Wolfson hospital to visit Kovan and his dad. Kovan was admitted because of high fever. However, he had been on IV antibiotics and was now able to go back to Shevet house, if the bloodtest was okay. So we had to wait a few hours for the results. During that time, we played with Kovan and communicated with his dad with the help of Google translate.

Around 2pm we had permission to take Kovan home with us. He still needs one week of oral antibiotics, but that can be given at the house. Kovan and dad are pleased to be back again. Please pray that the antibiotics will take away the infection so that there will be no hindrance for the operation next week.

Cath Day

Posted on Wed, 11/15/2017 - 16:52 by Co-authored

Kovan was initially expected to be taking the first catheterization slot today, but upon an early arrival to Wolfson we learned he had been switched to the third slot. While this made for a long morning of waiting, our team at Wolfson had a blessed time with sweet Kovan and his father. There was opportunity to walk around the hospital and spend time building relationship with this Kaka'i family. 

At 11:15 they headed up to the cath lab area and waited for about an hour there before Kovan was taken in. Once he was wheeled away we knew we would have more time of waiting so our team enjoyed lunch with Kovan's father at the hospital cafeteria. About an hour and a half later, Kovan was finished. They wheeled him back down to the children's ward where he was allowed some juice to satiate his thirst. 
The cardiology team had to inform Kovan's father his surgery is now delayed from the expected date of tomorrow. Due to the head surgeon leaving the country for 10 days starting on Saturday, it would be too risky for Kovan to undergo his big surgery and then have his surgeon leave nearly immediately. So, once Dr. Sasson is back in Israel, he will perform Kovan's surgery. The new potential date is Sunday the 26th. Kovan's father handled the news with expected disappointment, but is remaining strong and continuing to care for his son lovingly and very well. Thank you for your continued prayers; we trust in the Lord's perfect timing for the surgical correct of Kovan's complicated little heart. 
Written by: Alexa Bigl and Suhail Dabbagh

Kovan Admitted

Posted on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 19:38 by Coby van Wijhe
After many weeks of waiting because it was necessary to first acquire a 3D-print of his heart before surgery, today we finally got the telephone call that Kovan would be admitted.
Dad was very pleased. Kovan had his assesments (blood test, x-ray, etc) done. Kovan cried sadly a lot during the tests.
Hopefully he will become more relaxed throughout the night. The plan is have a catheterization tomorrow and Thursday the heart operation.
Please pray because his operation will be a very difficult one. May God work through the surgeon to heal his heart.

Kovan Opening Up

Posted on Mon, 10/02/2017 - 22:05 by Alexa Bigl

Kovan has continued fighting a fever, but the hospital discharged him to our home before the weekend. Our dedicated nurse, Deborah, has been working very closely with Kovan and father, ecouraging different practices to help reduce his fever and get him feeling better. A couple days were difficult, but it seems today the barrier has been crossed. Kovan is doing much better. And this daddy's boy even played with some of our new volunteers today! When his dad tried to bring him away for a nap, his son waved him off, wanting to continue playing. 

It was so encouraging to see him feeling better and much more comfortable; praise the Lord. Kovan's father also struggled these past days as he came to grips with understanding there was no way around the waiting he would face both before and after Kovan's surgery. But father and son both are doing much better today and we are very thankful for the Lord's hand in getting them thus far and pray for them to continue seeing and being open to His love and grace. Thank you for joining us in praying for this precious family. 

Kovan's Condition

Posted on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 21:35 by Alexa Bigl

Kovan and father had a lovely day today. It was really nice seeing father and son around the hospital interacting with our other Kurdish families. Kovan was also playing with some Israeli kids in the garden area of the children's ward. This little blonde-headed kiddo is so cute and his smile lights up the whole room. I cannot wait until his big personality lights up our Jaffa home. However, due to his infection and continued fever, Kovan remains hospitalized for now. Kovan's father seems to be quite comfortable at Wolfson and is doing well coping with caring for his much-loved son. 

This morning, Kovan headed upstairs for his echocardiogram. The doctors were quite interested in how complex Kovan's heart defect is. They plan to perform a CT scan in the coming days and have a 3D model of Kovan's heart printed. This will allow the surgical team to become very familiar with Kovan's specific anatomy and also to better grasp how to surgically correct his anomaly. The advances in technology that make this type of thing possible are truly amazing. We pray the Lord will use these resources as part of His plan for Kovan's healing. Join us in lifting up our prayers for Kovan and his father! 

Kovan Has Arrived

Posted on Sun, 09/24/2017 - 22:37 by Alexa Bigl
Kovan arrived this morning to Ben Gurion airport with his loving, gentle father. While Kovan was happy to give smiles to us when we kept our distance, as soon as we needed to assess Kovan's vital signs he began crying. His dad calmly worked to comfort his very upset son; and we soon determined Kovan was stable and could return to our Jaffa house. 
Upon arrival, Kovan and father had some time to get acquainted with the house and relax a bit. Unfortunately, soon after arrival Kovan's father was concerned his son had a fever. Upon investigation we found out Kovan had been diagnosed with a digestive-system infection yesterday in Kurdistan. He had been prescribed some medications, but his fever was indeed very high. We called Wolfson and they prepared to admit him. We quickly got Kovan to the children's ward where they performed some assessment tests and will take over caring for Kovan and treating his infection. Father and son will remain hospitalized tonight and we hope to have some tests results by tomorrow which will determine if Kovan will need to remain hospitalized for treatment of the infection or if he can return to our Jaffa home. Please be praying for Kovan and his father. While both are peacefully resting at the hospital, it's clear to see they are very tired from their overnight travel. May the Lord strengthen and refresh them both. Tomorrow will bring more tests and assessments as the cardiology teams looks over Kovan and gathers needed information to plan Kovan's surgical correction. Thank you for your prayers!