Lawan's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Lawan's Arrival

Posted on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 19:33 by Alexa Bigl

Mr. Cutie, Lawan, arrived with his beautiful mother today. Mother and son have alike personalities and are very outgoing. It's always encouraging to have a mother coming in who can immediately communicate with our community members currently learning Kurdish.

We know our mispronunciation and often incorrect sentence structure can be difficult to understand, and we feel blessed and uplifted when a mother can come in and understands us right away. And that is the case with Lawan's mother. She has been helpful already today with explaining things to the two mothers she traveled with, grandmother of Zhyar and mother of Mohammed. The Lord is faithful in His provisions and we are so excited to have this wonderful family joining our community. 

Upon arrival to our house, Lawan was immediately swept away from his mother by a couple of our community members. Lawan's mother was happy to have her hands free to eat some breakfast, and Lawan was happy to have new faces to smile at. He seems to love everyone who gives even a second of their time to focus on him; I can see he will steal the hearts of all of us here at Shevet!
Tomorrow we will head to Wolfson for an initial assessment of Lawan's condition. We pray he and his mother will rest well today and tonight in preparation for tomorrow. Thank you for joining us for the journey of Lawan's time in Israel, your prayers are much needed and appreciated as Lawan and his mother undergo all that is associated with having a healed heart.