Marwan's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Happy Marwan Admitted for Cath Tomorrow

Posted on Tue, 04/04/2017 - 23:07 by Susanne Minshull

Marwan does a strong pose with volunteer Simon

A very happy Marwan went to hospital today. According to his mother, strange as it may sound, he loves being in hospital and having examinations and operations. He has previously had surgery in Kurdistan. First we had a problem finding pyjamas in the right size, but after helping me look through the laundry trolley we found a pair in size 10.

Various examinations were performed - no problem. IV cannula put in - no problem. The only thing Marwan wasn't quite happy with was the food. Our new volunteer Simon from England (who spoke some Arabic, and Susanne who spoke some Kurdish) spent part of the day with Marwan and his mother who speaks a fairly good amount of English. We admired each others language skills and had fun together.

Marwan is having a catheterization tomorrow to establish whether or not a new heart valve can be inserted without open-heart surgery. Join us in praying for him that he soon will leave the hospital even happier than he went in. We thank God yet again for an opportunity to help a child with a "broken heart."


Sharing New Experiences

Posted on Wed, 03/29/2017 - 03:10 by Co-authored
God prepared a beautiful surprise for us today. A big organization here in Israel invited Marwan and Aveen to share a time with other children at Tel Aviv University. Marwan had a beautiful blue suit for this special event and Aveen wore a nice black dress.
They were playing for a long time with volunteers from other countries. The children were coloring, playing with hoola hoops, and putting stickers across everyones faces.
We also met new friends from Tanzania, Argentina, Brazil, and Israel. A lot of the students from the university heard about the event on Facebook and ended up stopping by and playing with the kids as well.  There was even an entertaining magic show that the children and adults just completely adored.
It was very rewarding to see the smiles of our children and share new experiences to renew their waiting time for surgery. It was evidence that the hand of God travels all over the world, blessing people through other people.
Written by Camila Buitrago and Sean Perez

Good News for Marwan

Posted on Thu, 03/02/2017 - 22:27 by Melissa Barancik

Today Marwan returned to the hospital for more tests. While we waited, we took advantage of the education center and spent time building with magnetic blocks and straws.

Marwan had a CT scan today. He also had his nose examined because he had been suffering from nose bleeds before he arrived in Israel, and they've worsened during his time here.

The doctors reported good resuls today, and they said he is doing really well. His nose bleeds are due to some congestion, and he has some medicine to help relieve this. 

We spent a little more time outside playing and then we were finally sent home after a long day. 

Marwan at the Hospital

Posted on Mon, 02/27/2017 - 22:29 by Alexa Bigl

Marwan and mother arrived yesterday morning to the airport after many hours of traveling. We spent the day getting them settled, acclimated, and rested. 

We got all the medical processes started today, and Marwan successfully completed all his initial assessment exams at Wolfson Medical Center. What a day! 
Things went smoothly for him at the children's ward where the head nurse got his vital signs, EKG, and blood work done very quickly. We then headed to the X-ray department where we waited for a bit. Marwan is easily distracted with his phone and chatting with those around him, and underwent the whole day without complaints. 
Next, we headed up to the echo department, where first we got a PPD test for both Marwan and his lovely mother. Then we waited outside the echo room for a long time. Lucky for Marwan, he was the first of our five Kurdish kids there to be called in. Marwan previously had surgery in Kurdistan, repairing his tetrology of Fallot. Now, almost 8 years later, his pulmonary valve is having some problems. The regurgitation of the valve is leading to an increase in the size of his heart, so, it's important for this complication to get fixed. 
Marwan's next step will be a CT scan of his heart. This will reveal the severity of his valve issues and tell the doctors if the issue could be fixed with a catheterization, or if he will need to undergo open heart surgery again. 
Marwan has been having a lot of nose bleeds lately and suffered from a prolonged one this afternoon. He was so calm and careful as he and his mother quietly took care of it without any fuss. It was a beautiful picture of this mother and son. They are so sweet and calm as they are adjusting to this season of life here in Israel with Shevet. We are looking forward to getting to know them both better. 
Thank you for praying alongside us and joining in the journey of Marwan's Israeli adventure.