Midya's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

One Day Less

Posted on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 19:38 by Juanita Florez Parra
Today Rebekah and I went to visit Midya and spent time with her the day after her surgery.
She was asleep during most of the time, and she looked really well. When the nurses had to change her medicines or do a test, she cried a lot and her father looked anguished. However, It was a pleasure for us to bring some food and gifts (for the Kurdish holiday, Nawroz) for them. So now she has a new bedfellow, her little pony. 
Also, we had the opportunity to spend time with her father, and have lunch with him. He doesn't look tired he looked hopeful. He is always taking care of his daughter, his little baby. He didn't want to be away from her at any moment, and he only told us 'thank you' for everything we did.
It was my first time in the ICU and when I was there I just thought about the pain that those children and their families were feeling. But at the same time, my heart was grateful because I know that God has control over each life. For example, we saw the hand of God in Mydia: just one day after her surgery and she has been extubated indicating that she can breathe by herself with an oxygen mask! Also, she has a chest tube in her right side to drain her fluids and blood. Despite this, she is very well. She is getting better and with the help of God, probably tomorrow she will move from the ICU to the children's ward. 
While I took care of Midya, I read a little and I found this verse: "my lovingkindness, and my fortress, my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I take refuge," Psalm 144:2. We must trust that God has already done the work and he has her life under control.

First Step for a New Life

Posted on Wed, 03/23/2016 - 21:36 by Mateo Patiño Trujillo

Today was the first step for a new life for Midya. May God be in the rest of them for her whole life.

Very early in the morning we arrived at Wolfson hospital. Midya and her father were still in the ward, but ready to go down for surgery. We were able to share some minutes trying to make her smile and we did. In the beginning she was a little shy but then she opened herself to us and started smiling. She let me take some pictures, she let Ruth put funny glasses on her head, and she started to play with a whistle. It was a beautiful moment prior to her surgery.

While Margarita, Ruth, and I were playing with her, the father of Midya asked Ruth if it was possible to talk with his wife via cell phone. So she tried to call her and--for the first time since they arrived in Israel-- got through successfully. And it happened just before her surgery. It was beautiful how Midya reacted when Ruth put her mom on speaker so they could all talk to Midya's mom. Midya doesn't speak too much so today was the first time I heard a word coming out of her beautiful mouth. I don't have a clue of what she said but it was precious.

Then was the time of surgery. Her father took her in his arms and carried her to the pre-op room. At that point, Midya knew something was going to happen, so she got nervous. Between everything we asked him if he wanted to pray with us and he accepted. That was the first time in the day we prayed with him. As soon as we finished the prayer, a nurse came and took the father and Midya to the operating room.

After he came out, before surgery began, was the beginning of a session of prayer between Margarita, Midya's father and me. In total we had six prayers. Every time we could see the father getting a little bit nervous we prayed. Meanwhile, the day was passing and God was doing his work, and we also played with Adil and grew our relationship with him.

After a long time of waiting with games and prayers, we went to lunch with Midya's father and we got lunch for Adil's father also, since he stayed in the ward with Adil. We finished and in that moment we went to the ICU just as Midya was being wheeled in. I talked to the doctor to calm down the father who was anxious to see his daughter. The doctor told me everything was good and she had a complete repair.

We tried to get into the ICU but they stopped us and told us to wait 1 hour more. After one hour and a half, they let the father in with Ruth, and then with me. Thanks to God everything went well and there weren't complications during or after operation. But I still have the petition to pray for them, for the recovery of her health. They also have to spend the night there, so may the Lord be with them and take care of them. Amen.

Midya's Cheeks Give Us a Smile

Posted on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 20:42 by Valentina Jaimes Vargas

Midya already completed her third day in Israel! She is at Wolfson hospital in Tel-Aviv and all the days are getting better for her. 

She has recieved different types of medical exams which cause some pain and sadness, however that did not stop her from giving us a smile with her beautiful cheeks. 

Today Miriam, Agnes and I went to visit her at Wolfson, and from the beginning she was in a really good mood. We had the opportunity to play with different things that people in the hospital gave her for the Jewish holiday, Purim. I would say she is enjoying the Purim celebration--playing with the noisemakers, balloons, and toys, and enjoying the costumes and the people playing and singing music.

We also had a really good time with her father. He is a lovely father and always wants to make her happy. He is willing to play and laugh with her, adittionaly we noticed that he felt comfortable letting us babysit her.

On the other hand, today she had one blood exam, she recieved food by fluids, and the CT brain scan.  We are waiting for the results but we got the good news that she will have her surgery tomorrow! So we ask to you to be praying that everything goes well, that she will have a painless recovery, and that God will be with her in this whole process.

"If I say, I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile." 
Job 9:27

Assessments and New Friends

Posted on Mon, 03/21/2016 - 21:53 by Ruth Zellweger

Today was an important day for little Midya. Not only did she have a successful day at the hospital with the initial assessments, but she also made new friends. 

We had left early in the morning to be on time at the hospital for all the different tests that were awaiting Midya. Through most of them she cried. Especially in the beginning she was terrified of every nurse that would even come near her. But our God is good and provided the right things and people to comfort Midya and cheer her up. Margarita, the mother of our Colombian coworker Alejandra, was with us at the hospital today and she found ways to gain Midya's trust and friendship. Because of the upcoming holiday of Purim, there were many groups today at the hospital who distributed gifts to all the children. Among these gifts was a little plastic toy that captured her special interest and  with Margarita cheering her on, she soon swang it around wildly and hardly stopped. It was so cute to watch. 

Most assessments, were completed quickly, especially the blood test, which often can take a lot of time. For the echocardiogram we had to wait quite a while, because Dr. Alona was the only cardiologist today performing echoes. We were thankful that she took time to carefully examine each child entrusted into her care. Midya's echo confirmed the diagnosis she had received in Kurdistan, Tetralogy of Kurdistan. It seems to be a straight forward surgery, and Midya might be already on schedule this week. This was very good news for Midya's father. 

The doctors felt that it would be better to monitor Midya at the hospital since she has such a low saturation. They also started her on a heart medication. Margarita and I walked father and daughter down to the children's ward, where Midya received her bed. The next hour Midya and Margarita spent more time together and it was beautiful to see how this shy little girl started opening up to Margarita. Love can break through barriers, and I am very thankful for God's love to us. Because He loves us, we can love others.

Our crew left the hospital tired but joyful. It doesn't matter so much how many hours we spent there just waiting for things to progress. What matters is the time we got to spend with the families and the friendships that start developing. I would not want to trait this for anything. May God be glorified through Midya's life.


Midya Arrives in Israel

Posted on Sun, 03/20/2016 - 22:00 by Ruth Zellweger

This morning Agnes and I had the privilege of welcoming Midya and her father at the airport. I had been waiting for a long time for Midya to come to Israel for her heart surgery. There had been obstacles and delays - but God is faithful and opened the door in the right time. 

Within a very short time, Midya and her father were out in the arrival hall. They had not experienced any complications, which is a huge praise report. Midya is a shy but brave little girl, and did not mind being held by someone else beside her father. When we arrived in Jerusalem, several of our volunteers came to meet our new arrivals, and Midya already made new friends. Tomorrow morning she will go in to the hospital for her first assessments. I am looking forward to see the transformation that is going to take place in this sweet little girl. The few years of her life have been hard, and she has been witnessing a lot of suffering. But our heavenly Father knows her and looks upon her with love. May He be able to use our community to be a blessing to Midya and her father.

Hope in Heart-breaking Poverty

Posted on Mon, 02/15/2016 - 00:34 by Agnes Bruna
We went to visit a little Yazidi refugee girl, Midya, who has been waiting quite a while to come to Israel for her heart surgery. Now finally it looks like she can come soon as her Israeli visa has come through and her Jordan visa is imminent. The family lives in an unfinished building with 80 other families. The room they live in has 8 people, a dirt floor, and no running water or electricity.
When we arrived we were enthusiastically welcomed by the father and hordes of children. We went inside and a lot of the children (and some of the adults) crowded in with us. Her heart defect is Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). TOF is a combination of four different defects that together allow a child to live. However, these defects greatly reduce quality of life. Midya is 3 years old but does not walk and barely speaks. TOF is a defect that can only be corrected through surgery.
During our visit Midya was very shy and did not want to come close to us. One of her brothers is blind and has other physical defects, but definitely was not shy. He has a lovely voice and even treated us to a song. Her father is hoping to travel with her, as her mother has epilepsy. The mother was very happy to see us though and asked lots of questions. Our co-workers, John and Milly, came with us and were able to help with translation with their excellent language skills in Bahdini, one of the Kurdish dialects. They brought their two children which also helped breaking down any barriers.
In spite of their obvious poverty, the family treated us to cups of tea, and tried to shower John and Milly’s children with sweets. During our visit, Midya’s mother had an epileptic fit, and we felt privileged to be able to pray with the family and her in particular. 
Please pray with us that we will be able to help this family, not just with surgery for Midya, but also in finding solutions for their many other needs. I felt heartbroken to watch these people live in appalling circumstances after having fled IS from their native Sinjar. I believe God cries with us, and with them. May we be instruments in His hands when helping these people.