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Kurdistan, northern Iraq

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Home Again

Posted on Wed, 07/18/2018 - 22:38 by Robyn Stuart

When I first visited Mir and his mother in the ward today they were both happy. Mir's mum was trying not to get too excited at the thaught that they may be discharged today. She explained that once the doctors had done there rounds they would order a bloob test for Mir. This would give them more information about his sweating. If this test was clear then he would be free to leave. 

I had to leave them for  some time to visit our other children in different loations. When I returned later the tests had not been run so hope of going home today was dwindling. But when we were just about to drive home we got a call to say Mir was being discharged to return to the house. So we gladly turned the car around and collected a very excited mum and happy baby. Mir is home! 
Mir will have a follow up appointment in a week back at the hospital. Glory to God for the healing that Mir has received! 

Mir is on the Move!

Posted on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 18:48 by Robyn Stuart

Arriving at the hospital today with Jesse and Marilyn we were keen to visit with the children. We anticipated that Mir would be staying in his room in secondary ICU for the time we were there. But during the morning we were pleasantly surprised to be told by hospital staff that he would move into the children's ward. So with great excitement Mir's mum packed up her belongings and waited for the message that the ward had her new bed ready. All tubes and wires were removed from Mir and he enjoyed his new found freedom. He was soon escorted to the ward and on the way to the ward Mir had time for a photo shoot with the wonderful staff in the cardiac unit. 

The staff advised us that they are still adjusting his pacemaker as Mir still sweats during feeding and sleeping, possibly because his heart is overworking. When this is sorted we are hopeful to bring him back to the house in the coming days. Thank you for lifting Mir to the Lord and believing with us for his healing. 

Secondary ICU

Posted on Sun, 07/08/2018 - 22:48 by Nelly Bekx

Today when we visited Mir, his drainage was already removed. Also his vital signs are very good.

He looked fresh from his eyes and happy. His mother was also satisfied and glad. I stayed with Mir for a while, so that his mum had time for a shower.  She was very thankful to have a time away from Mir‘s bed, without worrying about him.

Please pray with us that he can continue his good way of recovering!

Praising God

Posted on Thu, 07/05/2018 - 00:00 by Co-authored

by George and Nelly Bekx

Mir had his operation today, as part of a two step process. The first step was to insert a pacemaker and PA banding which will help prepare his heart as he waits for a second surgery when he is older. His mother was quite nervous but enjoyed spending time with Ana and her mother, who just arrived from Kurdistan. The mother was very relieved when the surgery was over and the doctors confirmed that everything went well. 

We praise God for His hand over Mir and pray for a good recovery in the hospital. 

Safe in His Arms

Posted on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 15:59 by Alisha Hershberger
Mir had his CT scan this morning. They took him in around 10:55 this morning. His mother stayed with me in the secondary ICU and she was a bit worried. I tried to keep her mind off of the scan by asking her about Kurdistan and bringing up my own home in Ohio. We discovered that our homes have a lot of similarities to each other. 
About 50 minutes later the doctors brought Mir back. He was still under sedation so he was sleeping peacefully. The doctors told us he did well and did not cry before falling asleep, which is always wonderful to hear. They informed us the results for the CT scan will take a few hours, so we do not have those yet. I spent some time praying over him while he slept, because I know God has him safe in his arms.
Once Mir wakes up from sedation, the nurses will check on him, he can eat, and the doctors will discuss further plans with his mother. There are currently a few options for surgery they want to discuss with his mother. 
We pray that Mir receives good results and that the next steps will be successful by the power of God. Thank you for your continued prayers of protection and health over little Mir. They are such a blessing. 

First Assessment

Posted on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 21:56 by Georgia Willcocks
Mir had his first assessment at the hospital today. The medical team carried out an ECHO and ECG. He loved the bubbles during his ECG, and smiled and laughed.
He wasn't so happy during his ECHO, but he had been fasting since the night before! The doctor examined his test results. This was Mir's first ECG, and so it revealed a new finding that there is a problem with the electrical conduction within Mir's heart. This meant that Mir needed to be admitted to the hospital. 
He needs to have various other diagnostic tests carried out after the weekend. We called one of the other mums at home who packed a bag to send up to the hospital. We prayed with his mother before leaving her and Mir in the ward. She was a little bit tearful; it was a shock for her to learn about this new finding, and she hadn't expected to be admitted to the hospital after today's appointment.
Please pray for lovely Mir, that God will bless his heart and give him and his mother peace. 

Arriving in Israel

Posted on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 18:34 by Georgia Willcocks

Mir and his mother have arrived in Israel! We are so happy that they are here with us. They both seem to be settling into the apartment with the other families well. Mir is a happy little boy, and is getting used to being in a different place. His mother speaks very good English and is looking forward to a good outcome for Mir after his surgery.

We went to the hospital together today for the first assessments to begin, and these will be completed over the next few days. Here they are in the car heading to Sheba:

For now, Mir and his mother are back with everyone else at Shevet. Please pray that they feel at home here, for good health for Mir before his surgery, and for his appointments to go smoothly.