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Continued Hope

Posted on Thu, 09/20/2018 - 16:46 by Jennifer Kellner

Today at Mir’s echo appointment, the doctor explained that Mir’s heart looks good but he has a little fluid around his heart. They are decreasing the amount of steroid medication he is taking and will check on him again in about a week. 

Mir is so lovely to be around - he is fun, playful and aware of everything going on around him! It’s a joy to be alongside him and his mother but I pray that the fluid reduces soon so they can return home to Kurdistan. Please pray with us. 

Good News

Posted on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 22:36 by Johanna Ebert
Magda and I went with Mir and his mum to the hospital this morning. He had another echo appointment to check if his heart is improving. Currently Mir's mum is very worried about his condition, because he still suffers from diarrhea and low appetite. But today the cardiologist confirmed that these problems are not related to his heart. The echo showed that the heart is stronger, he has less fluid around his heart and there is no reason for concern. The doctor even decreased one medication. Thank God for the good news! 
But the stomach issues are a problem we can pray for, that God will take them completely away in the next days and give the mum peace about Mir's situation.

The Echo King

Posted on Sun, 08/26/2018 - 02:57 by Robyn Stuart

With the van full of babies and carers we got to the hospital early. We value the prayers that our community raises to our Heavenly Father each morning before we venture out to various destinations. We felt the Holy Spirit with us today as we juggled many appointments. Little Mir had yet another echo.

He got the good news that he is improving and the fluid around his heart has gone. The doctor made a change in his dose of Captopril and asked for him to return again this week for another echo. His mother was very relieved, she has been wonderful in helping us settle a group of new mothers to the house. Her experience at the hospital today was priceless. Until the next echo please cover Mir with prayer asking for continued healing of his little heart. 

Follow Up Echo

Posted on Sat, 08/25/2018 - 03:54 by Johanna Ebert

Mir and his mum had to go to the hospital for an echo again today. His general condition has improved over the last couple days, he doesn’t sweat as much anymore and can sleep better. 

The echo showed good results, he has less fluid around his heart and the banding from the last surgery is doing a good job. What a great relief, since we were afraid that they have to do it again. Thank you, Lord!

Potential Future Surgery

Posted on Sun, 08/19/2018 - 23:37 by Sophie Harvie

Mir spent his day in hospital contagiously smiling at all around him. All of the nurses and every person he meets is immediately so taken with him. However, for Mir's mother it was a long and emotionally tumultuous day at Sheba. 

Mir has been an inpatient at the hospital for a few days now in response to persistent pericardial effusion shown on the echo and a great deal of sweating. It was thought initially that this may be due to an infection in the fluid around his heart. However, the medical team are now considering that it may be due to too much overflow of blood into the lungs. In order to address this the team are considering whether to carry out an additional surgery to tighten Mir's PA banding. 

Very positively, we learned today that Mir is bacteria free (following his blood test taken in the ER earlier in the week). The plan for Mir's management will be discussed and reviewed throughout the week. He will have a repeat echo in one week's time.

Please pray for Mir, naturally his mother is extremely anxious at the prospect of a further surgery and we are praying with her that Mir's pericardial effusion reduces significantly over the course of this week. In our growing friendships, myself and others are having increased opportunities to share God's goodness with Mir's mother so please do also pray that the Holy Spirit continues to be at the heart of our conversations.

Update on Mir

Posted on Thu, 08/16/2018 - 05:06 by Robyn Stuart

Well it was with sad hearts today that we drove Mir back to the hospital. He was having trouble eating and sleeping and looked generally unwell along with the contant sweating problem.  We spent many hours in the emergency room where blood tests and a chest Xray were done. Although we did not get results of these, the doctors consulted with the cardiac team and little Mir was admitted into the secondary ICU. His very tired mother was understandably concerned but also relieved that Mir may soon get relief from feeling so ill. Thank you for standing in the gap for Mir through prayer. May God be glorified through it all. 

Little Mysteries

Posted on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:00 by Robyn Stuart

As planned after the visit to ER, Mir returned to the hospital today for another echo. He was such a compliant baby today laying on the table taking in his surroundings, and playing with the cables, during the whole process. He has had many visits recently, maybe he is growing more used to the staff and the machines. But the doctor reported there is still fluid around his heart. So he prescribed a new medication and a thyroid test to be done. He also advised us to bring him back at anytime should we think he is unwell. The sweating that Mir experiences all the time is puzzling as well. The answer my lay in the blood culture results due back in a couple of days from now. There are several mysteries in Mir's little body at the moment but we are confident that our Heavenly Father knows how to solve them. Please intercede on his behalf for mytery answering healing. 

Unexpected ER Trip

Posted on Mon, 08/13/2018 - 01:23 by Sophie Harvie

We had an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room today with young Mir and his mother. After a night of fevers and a great deal of sweating over the course of the past week it was decided that Mir should be checked out by the medical team at Sheba.

On our way to the hospital today we prayed that God would go before us to make the road smooth and we were blessed by this prayer being answered. Mir was seen quickly by the ER team who were able to take blood, arrange a chest x-ray and liaise with the lead cardiologist on Mir's case, all within the space of a few hours.

Praise God, Mir's blood tests came back good and his chest x-ray showed reduced fluid from his xray at the time of his surgery. The doctors decided to put Mir on a short course of antibiotics as they await the results of further blood tests this week. He will be seen again at Sheba on Wednesday for a repeat ECHO.

As we waited today at the hospital we enjoyed chatting with Mir's mother about Kurdish and English grammar and she kindly corrected mine and Georgia's pronunciations of words! It was great to get to know one other better today and we are so pleased that Mir has been able to come home with the encouragement from the medical team.


Ongoing Medication

Posted on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 19:38 by Rodney Stuart

"Have you got a phone with some music or something to distract him?" said the echo assistant. Mir loves to 'help' the assistant by playing with and tangling the ultrasound tranducer chord! His Mum found some nice kid's video songs and while he was transfixed the assistant got great pictures of his heart. "The fluid around his heart is still decreasing, so we will continue with the medication," he said. This is good news, the medication is doing the job it's designed for. But, it's pretty strong and Mir's little stomach needs to be protected. So the doctor prescribed another medication to do just that. Please pray that all the fluid around Mir's heart will be absorbed by his body and he can discontinue 2 medications.

Slightly Improved

Posted on Sun, 08/05/2018 - 23:56 by Johanna Ebert

This morning we went with Mir and his mum to the hospital for an echo. Mir‘s mum is very worried about Mir and even the good news from the doctor - that the fluid is decreasing slowly - couldn’t take her concerns away. Mir however was in a pretty good mood, he laughed a lot and we had fun with him.

At the end we got an appointment for next Wednesday to check him again. We pray that the Lord help him to recover and give peace to Mir‘s mum.