Mohammed's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Going Out with Joy

Posted on Thu, 11/16/2017 - 17:36 by Jonathan Chappell

We all at Shevet enjoyed our final dinner with Mohammed last night. Between the Kurdish rice, the excellent cake, and our customary tea, we were well fed and happy when it came time to give presents to Mohammed and his mother.

So happy, in fact, that Mohammed had a litte nap as the rest of us enjoyed his slide show. The gifts to the children are our way of honoring them as part of our Shevet family, and to send them back to Kurdistan with joy.

The slide show includes all the photos from their time in Israel, and helps them take a piece of their journey back to their families to share and remember.

We are thankful for Mohammed's time with us, but are happy to see his recovery as he goes back to live his life in Kurdistan. Please join us in thanking God for his life, and praying for them to travel safely home. 

Happy Discharge!

Posted on Mon, 11/13/2017 - 19:40 by Elwira Kromer
Today Swain, Coert and I went with Mohammed and his mum to Wolfson hospital for an echo check. We had to wait almost two hours, but finally it was Mohammed's turn.
His mum was so excited when she heard this would be Mohammed's last echo. She was so surprised but very happy to hear that they can go home back to Kurdistan.
She almost started to cry. She hugged the doctor and kissed her hands. It also made me very happy to see the joy in the eyes of the mother. 
Let us pray for a flight so they can be together with their family soon. We have also many reasons to  thank God for Mohammed's healing. He just came home last week from the hospital and already he is discharged back to Kurdistan. May God bless him and his mum while they are here. 

Back to the Shevet House

Posted on Sun, 11/05/2017 - 21:14 by Coby van Wijhe

This morning when Marilyn and I visited Mohammed, mom looked very happy. She was already packed and ready to go. But we had a few hours delay before Mohammed could leave the hospital. We noticed that the stitches from the surgery were still there, so we called the nurse and she took them out.

Then about ready to go, they realized that the blood test was not done yet. There is always a blood test before discharge, so they took blood and we had to wait two more hours before the results were known.

While waiting, we went to the hospital mall and mom did a little shopping. Mohammed played and Marilyn bought an ice cream for us. Back at the ward, the blood results were good and at last we could go. After 6 weeks of being in the hospital mom was very happy to say: "bye, bye hospital." Mohammed has lost quite a bit of weight while being in the hospital but his colour is so much better.

His fingers, toes and mouth were very blue before the operation and now they have a nice pink colour. Thanks to God who is the great Healer! Thanks to the medical team who did a great job!

Smooth Recovery

Posted on Thu, 11/02/2017 - 15:22 by Coby van Wijhe
I haven't seen Mohammed in the last two weeks, and when I saw him today I could tell he had lost weight. As we arrived, the doctors were just doing their rounds, and they were reported that they were very pleased with Mohammed's smooth recovery. He is not in need of supplemental oxygen anymore.
They said if he continues this way, then he will be released to go back to the Shevet house on Sunday. Mom was very pleased when she heard this! So let us pray that this will happen.

Recovering Slowly, But Out of ICU!

Posted on Tue, 10/31/2017 - 21:25 by Co-authored

Sunday morning Lianne, our nurse for one day, and I headed to Wolfson to visit Mohammed and his mother. Mohammed was still in ICU after his lung surgery last Friday. Mohammed’s mother's eyes lit up and she started smiling as we entered the ICU, though she hadn’t met us before. While Lianne went to Mohammed’s bed and received hugs and kisses from his mom, I was informed by Dr. Houri how Mohammed is recovering. Dr. Houri told me that Mohammed’s recovery is slower than he had hoped and expected. But - he is recovering! As we often say: God’s timing is better than ours. We know Mohammed is in His hands.

Lianne brought a little baby booklet and a small toy making music. Mohammed was still too weak to really enjoy his new toy but we hope and pray he will in a few days.

We spent some time encouraging Mama Mohammed and holding Mohammed and trying to give him some comfort. This is not easy while his little body is connected with wires to the monitors and he has an oxygen tube and an infusion.

Still his beautiful, big brown eyes are wide-open. Please pray with us these eyes will witness the beauty of God’s creation.

Tuesday morning, I went to visit little Mohammed and his Mum at Wolfson hospital, and was pleased to find that he'd moved from the ICU to the children's ward. Our last report was that his recovery was progressing slower than normal, so it was good to see he'd progressed enough to no longer need intensive care. He was looking bright and responsive, and more at ease. His big eyes were taking everything in. Mohammed's Mum was in good spirits today, and she seemed relaxed and hopeful. The nurses will look after Mohammed tonight, and a doctor will visit him tomorrow to access his condition and advise us of the next steps. For now Mohammed is just receiving oxygen and one medication that he will slowly be weaned off. This is good news that we can be thankful for! 

Written by: Coert van der Veen and Maxine Stuart

Sucessful Lung Surgery

Posted on Sun, 10/29/2017 - 21:01 by Maxine Stuart

On Friday Mohammed had to undergo surgery to expand his paralysed right lung. The surgery was successful! Mohammed’s Mum is now quite familiar with all the procedures involved with surgery, and when I arrived, she was bracing herself for his third operation. It was a relatively quick procedure, about 3 hours later we were reunited with Mohammed. The doctor reported that he was extremely pleased with the operation, that they accomplished all they had hoped to, and that Mohammed should have no further troubles breathing.

Mum was overjoyed, and immediately sent word to her the many family members that were anxiously waiting for news, and calling for updates. Mohammed spent the night (sedated) in ICU, and the doctors hoped that he would be extubated the following day. Although these surgery days are very emotionally and mentally stressful, I thank God for the great improvement they achieve.

Mohammed's Scheduled for Surgery

Posted on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 22:19 by Alexa Bigl

Mohammed will receive a small operation tomorrow to help his right lung expand. The Wolfson ICU team has determined the right side of Mohammed's diaphragm is paralyzed. This is a complication related to his cardiac surgery. It's not an uncommon complication but most children are able to compensate without an interventional procedure. Mohammed is struggling, however, and his right lung is not expanding downwards like it should.

The surgery tomorrow should resolve this issue and get Mohammed to get progressing a bit more rapidly. The past two days Mohammed has been in very good spirits. He enjoys playing with his mother and our team members as he gives shy smiles. He even plays peek-a-boo; it's so cute. He receives physio therapy every day and does not mind it as he is shaken and moved around. Thank you for praying for Mohammed and the operation tomorrow! May the Lord's hand be upon him, amen. 

Good News

Posted on Mon, 10/23/2017 - 23:04 by Deborah Burke
"He is not here; He has risen!" Matthew 28:6
I would like to report that today Mohammed has risen from his bed which he did in a fashion. In the early afternoon he was transferred from his large bed in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Wolfson into a cot bed and taken to the secondary ICU. This is good news.
Mohammed looked a lot brighter today. The ICU nurse reported that he was doing well, functioning at about 90%, their goal being 99%. Because the ICU is so busy, and he is improving every day, it is better for Mohammed to be transferred to a quieter environment so he and his mother can get some better quality sleep and rest. Mohammed's right lung is still congested and he requires regular chest physio to help move the fluid and make it more comfortable for him to breathe. He remains on high flow oxygen but the medical team are hoping to reduce this gradually as his overall physical health improves.
Before leaving the ICU Mohammed's mother insisted on having photographs with all of the staff there at the time. They were happy to oblige.
She was obviously very grateful for all of their care. As well, there is another underlying reason...will you put those photos on Mohammed's farewell DVD? This mother is hilarious. She has such a happy disposition and seems quite good at managing the stress of being confined to hospital with her son.
The last thing to be done before leaving the ICU, apart from paperwork, was feeding Mohammed. He was offered a bottle of milk which he almost wrenched out of the nurse's hand and greedily consumed. We all laughed. What a faithful God we have to accelerate this little one's recovery, knowing that there is just so much he and his mother can bear.
Please pray that Mohammed's recovery continues on its upward path to reach that goal of 99%. Perhaps we can dare to ask for 100% from the healer of all.

Extubated at Last

Posted on Thu, 10/19/2017 - 22:55 by Deborah Burke
Praise to God the giver and sustainer of life.
We met Mohammed's mother on the children's ward this morning where she likes to hang out for company. She had a big smile and conveyed to me that Mohammed had been extubated.
When I arrived in the ICU there he was, eyes wide open, taking in everything. From his perspective it must seem strange. The only truly consistently recognizable thing in his life right now is his mother. The update from the nurse was promising. Mohammed is stable, breathing on his own, although I noticed it was a bit labored,  and it is highly likely that later today he will be able to eat orally.
Thank you Lord for the nursing and medical staff who watch over Mohammed with such care, and have recognized the need to slowly wean him off assisted breathing. Sometimes, it seems, the more deliberate the progress, the stronger the recovery. Let's believe that this is so for Mohammed.

Praying for Strength

Posted on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 00:18 by Philippa Schaefer

When I visited Mohammed today, his mother was with him, holding his hand and a nurse was checking his medication. He is stable, he is still intubated, but the most important news is that they closed his chest. Now we have to hope and pray that he'll become stronger every day. Today he still looked very tired.