Monsour 's Heart Surgery


Monsour Back In ICU With Lung Complications

Posted on Sun, 04/10/2011 - 01:00 by Theresa Hafen

Since April 1Oths update on Monsour, there have been visits, questions, concerns and continued prayers for this little person. As of our visit today, Friday the 15th of April, he is back in ICU. Doctors say that his heart and stomach are doing well but that he has continued complications with his lungs. He is being treated with antibiotics for infection and ventilators are assisting his breathing, with the hopeful outcome of continued healing and strength in his lungs. As you can imagine, his Grandmother is seeing two steps backwards, so to speak, and it is discouraging. She was more encouraged at the end of our visit today, after she received more information on how the medical staff is trying to help Monsour. We entrust Monsours life and his healing into Gods hands. Please join us in continuing to pray for this little one.

New Progress For Baby Monsour

Posted on Tue, 04/05/2011 - 01:00 by Theresa Hafen

Todays visit to see Monsour and his Grandmother at Wolfson Medical Centers ICU unit was one permeated with hope. Although he is still in ICU and many hurdles lie ahead, there was encouragement from each person that cares for him: the ICU nursing staff and surgeons that partnered with Shevet Achim, Dr. Sion Houri and Dr. Ottman, were all looking forward to continued progress.

Doctors affirm that both Monsours heart surgery and gastric surgery were successful. Their hope is to relocate him to the regular childrens ward soon, but before they do a number of improvements in his condition must take place. 1) His bronchial cartilage, weakened and damaged from pressures caused by the heart problems, must reassume its strength and elasticity. When this happens he can be removed from the ventilator. 2) He must be able to take nutrition by mouth. If mouth feeding is introduced too soon, the risk is that he will forcefully regurgitate and undo the work accomplished by gastric surgery. 3) It is important for Monsour to gain weight and strength. The ICU staff is performing physical therapy with his arms and legs, so that motion and strength do not deteriorate.

Beyond the medical report from the ICU, however, by simply looking at Monsours pictures from today it can be seen that his color is good. His face is not puffy from fluid retention, and he is waking up and engaging a bit in the world around him. What a gift it was to see him moving in the direction of full health. Although his journey to complete health is not yet finished, we give thanks to God for this new progress.

Monsour's Gastric Operation Successful

Posted on Fri, 04/01/2011 - 00:00 by Theresa Hafen

The doctor in pediatric ICU stated that as far as surgeries go, Monsours gastric operation this morning was fairly simple. The objective was to further constrict the cardiac sphincter, the muscle ring separating the acidic stomach from the esophagus, allowing him to better retain food and nutrients. It is an important step in helping him recover. The doctors assured us the operation went well. As he lay in ICU recuperating, his Grandmother was making sure he was warm, covering his little hand with kisses.

During the surgery, however, Grandmother was to be found waiting outside in the sunshine. Although a beautiful day, the kind that naturally lightens the heart, she carried a weight of longing and concern. She is longing for her Grandson to be fully well, and concerned that yet another hurdle lies between him and this longing. We join her in these.

We know that much more is needed for Monsour. The need is one that only God can fill. We look to Him. We ask God for healing, life, hope and strength; for Monsour, his Grandmother, and his family. Jesus came to do just this; bring healing, life, hope, and strength.

Monsour Scheduled for Stomach Surgery

Posted on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 00:00 by Donna_West

This morning at our staff meeting Monsour was heavy on our minds. We each spoke of the good life we hope he will have. A friend of Shevet Achim recently heard about his delicate condition in ICU and sent a special blanket that was presented to his grandmother. Very clearly, there are many people pulling for him.

Today our German volunteer Verena and I went into the ICU at Wolfson Hospital to see Monsour and his grandmother. Verena stroked Monsours head and I began to speak to him saying, "Monsour, you are a beautiful boy and you have a grandmother here who loves you very much. You need to come back here and sit on your grandmothers lap and let her love you . . ." and as I was speaking to him he opened his eyes and fixed his eyes directly on mine. His eyes were clear, alert, sparkling and his mouth began to move as though he wanted to speak. It was a beautiful opportunity to speak the promises of God over his life and to be thankful for so much improvement.

Monsour is scheduled for another surgery tomorrow. The doctors plan to operate on his stomach in order to help him absorb nutrients from his food better. We still wait to see what God will do in this child and for this family.

Surrounded By Machinery and Love

Posted on Sun, 03/27/2011 - 00:00 by Kristina Kayser
Babies are typically synonymous with life and vitality. Thus, it is painful when confronted with an infant who, by contrast, is struggling to take each breath. Monsour continues to wage his battle for survival, despite the mystery of his critical condition. Moreover, doctors and nurses at Wolfson Hospital are working around the clock to keep him stable.

Chris, a fellow Shevet volunteer, and I stood at Monsour's bedside yesterday, overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of his environment. Here was this baby boy surrounded by monitors, IVs, and endless wiring. I counted over thirty medications that are administered into his small body daily. An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse informed me that Monsour had been unable to breathe without the assistance of a respirator. Then on Monday, a tracheotomy was performed when problems with his left lung arose. This procedure created an airway in his trachea (windpipe) that allows him to breathe easier without using his nose or mouth. To keep the tracheal tube from being disturbed, Monsour was medically sedated, and his soft eyelids were taped closed.

We wanted so much to hold him close, but were told it was far too dangerous at this stage. Chris was even wakened by a dream recently, concerned that Monsour's health was being impacted by the lack of physical touch that babies depend on so much. We stroked his face, held his hands, and sang over him, praying that God's mercy and love would sustain him.

Soon after, Monsour's ever-faithful grandmother joined us, her face showing evidence of a weary spirit. With steady gentle hands, she moistened Monsour's lips with lotion and caressed his cool skin. Day in, day out, this beautiful woman watches over her grandson, longing for any sign of hope.

In faith, we ask for Monsour's healing, that he might be wrapped in loving arms once again, healthy and whole. Meanwhile, we trust that he is being held by the Father in ways we cannot comprehend.

Commenting On His Beauty

Posted on Thu, 03/17/2011 - 00:00 by Theresa Hafen

As you enter the ICU at Wolfson Hospital to visit Monsour, you see his grandmother at his bedside, still there, keeping faithful watch. She seems weighted today. Monsour is struggling. Her eyes and face carry it. Most of this boys life has been in the hospital. Most of this boy's life she has been at his side. For the boy, it seems only a miracle of God could raise him from that bed. For the grandmother, it seems only the love of God could keep her alongside that bed.

He is sleeping. Occasionally a new IV is inserted, and when he wakes he cries. The cry lacks depth. Those that care for him, the Wolfson Hospital staff, comment on his beauty and their hope that all turns out well. Those of us from Shevet Achim share this sentiment of beauty and optimism. He is loved.

But the weight is not lifted. At least not alone. We come alongside and share in it. In this sharing we turn to the One who holds all of our lives in His hand.

Looking Into Monsour's Eyes

Posted on Sun, 03/13/2011 - 23:00 by Christine Quilling
Monsour's condition is stable, yet it seems a mystery to the doctors. The nurse shared with us that there is a problem in the left lobe of his lungs and they are not sure how to help him. His faithful grandmother, who seemingly hasn't left his side, appeared worn and a bit fustrated today. As Monsour lay there with his eyes wide open, mezmerised by the technology around him, he slowly turned and locked eyes with me. I wondered what this small being could be thinking about and my heart went out to him. And how much more does our Father's heart go out to little Monsour!! Please pray for this dear little person..

Lying in ICU With A Complex Condition

Posted on Thu, 03/10/2011 - 00:00 by Michelle_Bradburn

Baby Monsour from Gaza Strip remains in the intensive care unit. As I visited his bedside today I was touched by how truly delicate he is. The doctor said his condition remains unchanged, and explained that his case is medically very complex. His faithful grandmother also waits close by, weary, yet standing strong, praying and hoping her grandson will be well. Let us also continue to pray for this precious family, that they be held in faithful arms of love.

Monsour and His Loving Grandmother from Gaza

Posted on Fri, 03/04/2011 - 00:00 by Brian Mace

I'd love to introduce you to little Monsour and his big-hearted, loving, and devoted grandmother. I first met them as they arrived at Wolfson Hospital in mid-December for Monsours heart surgery. Monsour has now had two open-heart surgeries, in-and-out of ICU, always lovingly tended to by his concerned grandmother. When I was in Israel this past December and January, I visited them at every opportunity.

The grandmother is maybe not as young as many Gaza grandmothers, and has been away from her family, home, community and friends for very much longer than the week-long stay which is typical for Gaza babies. She has not had a proper bed of her own to sleep in all this time. According to Shevet volunteers who saw her on Wednesday, she looks weary. But in response to a lovingly concerned question about her wellbeing she replied: "No, I am not tired: and if I have to stay here four months longer, I will not be tired." What a wonderful spirit this precious lady has, and how devoted she is to her beloved grandson!

My heart goes out to Monsour's mum back home in Gaza, who was not able to accompany him to the hospital, and who must be missing him terribly.

Would you please pray for all three, and also the boys father, that the Father would very quickly complete his healing, and that he and his grandmother would soon be able to return home to Gaza. Thank you so much.