Nardeen's Heart Surgery


Surgery Postponed to Sunday

Posted on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 23:45 by Miriam Svensson
The hospital crew left Jerusalem very early today, to be in time to follow Nardeen to her surgery. But when we entered the children's ward we were told that the operation had been cancelled. The reason was that the doctors in the OR had been working all night with acute operations.
Nardeen was happily unaware that there was any problem. She was just smiling her prescious smile while trying to get down on the floor to go exploring in the ward. Her mother was very dissapointed, though. She was told that the surgery is planned to be on Sunday instead, and was given the option either to stay in the hospital over the weekend, or to go home and come back on Saturday. After some thought she decided they would stay.

A little later Nardeen's aunt and two friends of her came as they had intended to be there for the surgery day. They stayed a while and kept Nardeen and her mother company. Please pray with us that the two of them will have a good weekend in the hospital, and that everything will go smoothly when the surgery day comes.

A Surprise Admission

Posted on Wed, 01/20/2016 - 21:24 by Ruth Zellweger

Early this morning we received a phonecall from the hospital. The headnurse told us that Nardeen should come as soon as possible to be admitted for surgery tomorrow. What a surprise. The latest we had heard was that Nardeen's surgery was scheduled for this coming Monday. Her mother quickly got ready. Their friends Laila and Georgette from the Finnish School (where they are staying) took a break from their work to say goodbye. And so did our entire community. We gathered in the parking lot to pray for Nardeen and her mother. The surgery is supposed to be early in the morning. We appreciate your prayers for little Nardeen and for the doctors and medical staff.

Nardeen's Progress

Posted on Wed, 12/16/2015 - 16:34 by Miriam Svensson

Nardeen still looked a bit tired when we came to the children's ward yesterday morning, but she looked much better than the day before.

She was sitting on her bed, calmly chewing on an apple. The nurse told me that Nardeen will have to continue to take antibiotics to treat her pneumonia. However she doesn't need any further IV medication, which means she could come with us back to Jerusalem yesterday evening. 

In the afternoon yesterday, we waited for the nurse to have time to take out the IV canula and tell me what medicines Nardeen needs. Both Nardeen's mother and I got tired of waiting, and we wanted to go home. But sweet Nardeen was peaceful and patient most of the time, playing with some toys she had been given during the day.

Thank you for praying with us for this lovely little girl and her mother. The catheterization last week showed that she will need surgery to repair her heart. Pray that the infection soon will be conquered so that she can have her operation.

Admitted Again

Posted on Mon, 12/14/2015 - 17:58 by Alexa Bigl

As I prepared to leave to Wolfson today for another child's echo, Nardeen's mom expressed concern to me about her daughter. Nardeen had been coughing all night, and this morning it became so severe she caused herself to vomit. As we looked over Nardeen it was decided she should also come to the hospital for assessment. Once we arrived Nardeen and her mom waited a bit before Nardeen had blood drawn for laboratory testing.

After that a chest X-ray was performed. Once the results came back it was apparent Nardeen has pneumonia. She has been admitted to the hospital for intravenous antibiotic therapy. As Nardeen had the IV inserted and was yelling out in distress I saw her mother crying. It was a very hard day for both, and Nardeen's mother was very tired by this afternoon. It takes a strength beyond our human abilities to get through situations such as these especially when our child's health is at stake. Prayers for God to strengthen both mother and daughter will be poured out tonight and for the time Nardeen is hospitalized.

As we were driving home I was feeling sad for Nardeen and her mom and wondering why God hadn't protected this sweet girl from this infection. I looked out my window and saw the beautiful evening sky.

God is so faithful and His plan for each of us is perfect. The beauty of His creation is a constant reminder He is the Lord almighty and entrusting our prayers to Him will lead to great reward.

On that note, I will be praying a special prayer for Nardeen and her mother that they will have the opportunity to see and feel God through the small things (like the setting sun), and they will draw hope in from Him.

Coming Home with Joy

Posted on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 22:39 by Agnes Bruna

Today, Suhail and I went to the hospital because we were given the good news that Nardeen was being discharged after her cath. When we arrived at the children’s ward, we found Nardeen in the good care of Samar’s grandmother – another example of how the various mothers cooperate and help each other.

It appeared that Nardeen's mother had gone to get some lunch!

After we had been visiting with Samar, his grandmother, and Nardeen for a little bit, Nardeen’s mother came back with her tray of food. We decided that we would go for lunch too to give her some time to eat.

As we also had a Gaza child to return to the Gaza border after a cath, we left fairly quickly as Nardeen and the Gaza child both were ready. It was great to have Suhail there who could explain everything in Arabic. On the long trip back via Erez, both Nardeen and her mother fell asleep. Once we came back to Jerusalem, they looked happy to be back in familiar surroundings. We look forward to hearing the doctors’ decisions on Nardeen’s further treatment – all in God’s perfect timing.

Faith Produces Endurance

Posted on Wed, 12/09/2015 - 21:25 by Rebekah Yang

We left early today for Nardeen's catheterization (cath). When we arrived at Wolfson hospital’s children ward in Tel-Aviv, the doctors were just about to do a ward run to check all the children’s situations. I was told to bring our two other kids from Shevet to go for a follow-up echo. So I left Nardeen to go to Doaa and Samar’s echo.

When I came back, the nurse told me that because Nardeen was scheduled as the second cath, we would have to be patient and wait for the call from the cath room.

At that time, it was already past 11:30 in the morning. Poor Nardeen was so hungry and tired because of this long period of waiting. She was irritated and crying loudly. It was so hard for her mum and her aunt to see their beloved little girl suffer, so they decided to bring her to the children’s ward playground to hopefully distract Nardeen.

Waiting and waiting, neither the mum nor her aunt were able to drink or eat anything until 1:20pm as they fasted with Nardeen. Then the nurse from the children’s ward told me that we could go to cath room but that they had no one to bring us there. At that moment, all of us preferred to go there by ourselves if they were happy for us to do so.

So we went to the cath room at 1:35pm. And the whole procedure started right after Nardeen’s mum finished saying goodbye to Nardeen.

Around 3pm we were told the cath had finished, and again I could see that both Nardeen’s mum and her aunt were so anxious, walking outside in the corridor of the cath room. Praise God! The door slowly opened, and we saw the medical team come out with our little Nardeen; it was about 3:30pm.

The doctor reported to us that the cath was successful and that they were able to find out more details about Nardeen’s condition. They decided that she will need heart surgery for sure, but they still need to discuss when will be the best time for her operation.

Nardeen was still under medicine sedation, she may be fully awake tomorrow morning. Her right thigh was covered with a bandage, as she needs to keep her leg straight until 10pm tonight.

After Nardeen had been settled down on her bed at the children’s ward, Samar’s grandmother, Nardeen's mother, Nardeen's aunt, and I were all holding hands to pray for Samar and Nardeen’s recovery. They all prayed in Arabic, a most beautiful language, and at the end I prayed to God to give both grandmother and mum strength to take care of their beloved kids at the hospital.

“Because you know that testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect effect, so that you will be perfect and complete, not deficient in anything.”( James 1:3-4)

Echo and Admission

Posted on Tue, 12/08/2015 - 16:29 by Alexa Bigl

Nardeen had her evaluation echo at Wolfson today. After yesterday’s long hours and many procedures, I am happy to report Nardeen is very resilient. She cried only a very short time in the car and once we arrived to the hospital was excited to see the toys she had played with yesterday at the echo department. 

In fact, she was so excited the sedation medication they gave her in order to sleep through the echo took a long time to take effect. She so badly wanted to play she was struggling to get down from her mother’s arms, but eventually the medication won the battle and Nardeen slept through her whole echo. It was very important for Nardeen to be very still during this test, so we are grateful the medication worked.

The issues within Nardeen’s heart requiring surgical correction can be technically fixed. However, due to very high pressures within the blood vessel leading to Nardeen’s lungs, a surgical repair of the other issues in the heart could lead to further, life-threatening, problems related to the pressures in that artery. Nardeen has been admitted to the hospital to sleep there overnight and in the morning will undergo a catheterization. This catheterization will allow the doctors to measure the exact pressures within the blood vessel leading to Nardeen’s lungs. Depending on how high the actual reading is will determine the doctors’ next steps.

Nardeen’s mother looks quite fragile, but she is amazingly tough and also adapts very well. She already looked comfortable in the hospital when our team left to come back to Jerusalem. Nardeen's aunt was able to come with us today and was a great encouragement to her sister, and Nardeen loves her very much!

Tomorrow morning a team will go to Wolfson as a support system for Nardeen’s mother during the catheterization.

We will be praying for a restful night for both daughter and mother. We are also praying Nardeen will not be too upset with her food and water fast in preparation for the catheterization. Lastly, we pray our team tomorrow is a comfort and support to Nardeen’s mom. We greatly appreciate your joining us in praying for and following this little girl on her journey with us!             

We’re Halfway There

Posted on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 18:28 by Alexa Bigl

Nardeen and her mother went to Wolfson today for Nardeen’s initial assessment. This sweet 15-month-old girl had a long, tough day. She became upset as soon as the children’s ward nurse started the necessary tests and procedures to get the initial evaluation complete, but Nardeen’s mom is very attentive and was able to calm Nardeen throughout the day.

Nardeen had her EKG, measurements, PPD, and x-ray completed today, plus some time for playing.

Due to the number of children at the hospital recieving echocardiograms today, there was not time for Nardeen to have her initial echo. Tomorrow we will return to Wolfson for this very important test that will determine if surgical intervention will be helpful to Nardeen.

Please pray for the results of the echo tomorrow. We are fully trusting in God for the healing of this little girl, whether that be through medications, surgery, or a miraculous touch from Him.    

A Joyful Reunion

Posted on Sun, 12/06/2015 - 22:05 by Ruth Zellweger

 My first encounter with Nardeen and her parents was in June this year. We had met at the office of a local cardiologist in Kurdistan in northern Iraq to get a recorded echo of Nardeen's heart that the Israeli doctors had required. It took a few more months until we were able to apply for her visa. Just when we thought that all the obstacles had been overcome, the hospital let us know that Nardeen's case is not a straight-forward one and that they weren't going to receive her at this point. But God gave us favor, as Jonathan asked if we could at least bring her for evaluation - and the hospital agreed. 
Today, early in the morning, our group of three went to the airport to pick up Nardeen and her mother, as well as Zanyar and his father. Agnes and I were accompanied by Nardeen's aunt, who lives and serves in Israel as a nun. She was very excited to see her sister and niece again. After we arrived at the airport, we had to wait about half an hour. I had just sat down for a moment when I heard shouts of joy. I looked up and saw Nardeen's mother running through the arrival hall towards her sister, her little daughter in her arms.

It was a precious moment to observe. 

Back in Jerusalem, Nardeen and her mother shared their first meal with us and then settled into their new surroundings. Tomorrow we will go for Nardeen's first assessments at Wolfson hospital. Please pray with us for God's healing touch on Nardeen's heart - be it through medical intervention or through just a word spoken by Him.

Coming Soon

Posted on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 15:43 by Sarah Powell

Nardeen is a one-year-old little girl from a Christian family in Iraq. She was born with a heart defect known as Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). The Ductus Arteriosus is a structure that directs the blood away from the lungs while a baby is in the womb (since they are getting oxygen from the mother's placenta at that point). It is supposed to close within the first twenty-four hours after birth by itself. When that doesn't happen successfully, PDA is the defect that results, and very little blood is able to get to the lungs to receive oxygen. We hope to have Nardeen with us soon so that she can get the help she needs.