Naz's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Home Again

Posted on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:58 by Alexa Bigl

After a tough stay at the hospital, Naz was cleared to return to our Jaffa house today. 

The reasons for her shortness of breath and discolored lip remain a mystery, but they have cleared up. We are thankful for the watchful eyes of her mother, and our dedicated nurses that are ensuring Naz is safe, as we continue to wait for God's perfect time for Naz's surgery. 
It was difficult for Naz to be away from the comforts of our home, and the friends and sisters she has here at Shevet. And it was difficult for her mother to leave Wolfson again, still not knowing the date of her daughter's heart repair. It was also difficult for us back at our home base, as we went a couple of days without the consistent presence of Naz and her mom. 
We continue to praise God, however. His faithful love continues to pursue Naz and her mother as they go through this trial of waiting. The ups and downs the family has been through these past weeks have continued to forge a special bond among all of us here at Shevet. Please join us in praying for perseverance for mother and daughter. May we fully trust in God's timing. 

Unexpected Admission

Posted on Mon, 03/13/2017 - 19:54 by Rebakah Yang

Naz was not feeling well last night. She felt short of breath and restless while she was trying to sleep, so Ruth took her to the hospital for further check up. After a while, the doctor decided to keep her in the hospital for observation over night.

This morning the doctor arranged an echo for Naz to find out what was happening wiith her heart. After the examination, Doctor Demeke said Naz's shortness of breath was not caused by fluid in her heart.
After the echo, Naz, her mother, Susan and I went back to the Children's Ward for a late lunch.
At the moment, Naz is still in the hospital for more examination and observation. Please continue to lift Naz and her mother up in your prayers. May our Yeshua bring them daily strength and peace, amen!

Getting Ready

Posted on Thu, 03/02/2017 - 00:11 by Ruth Zellweger

Today was a special day for Naz and her mother. Unexpectedly, Naz was invited to Wolfson hospital for another echocardiogram.

Dr. Alona told me yesterday that Naz would be on the surgery schedule for this coming week. However, she still did not fully understand what the doctors in India had done to repair Naz's heart defects, and wasn't comfortable sending her to surgery. She did another thorough echo today, and afterwards was satisfied. She told us that Naz's mitral valve needs repair as there is regurgitation. They will attempt to repair the mitral valve, but Naz might need an artificial valve instead.

Naz is such a sweet girl, and - although she is quiet - very attentive and loving towards the other children. Her mother is caring for all the other families. They have become such constants in our Shevet community. May our heavenly Father fill them with His peace as they approach the upcoming surgery day. 


Sweet Fellowship

Posted on Fri, 02/24/2017 - 20:31 by Lindsay Martin

This week we had the blessing of hosting Naz and her mother in Jerusalem for a brief, but precious time. As they have both been waiting several weeks for her surgery, we thought a change of environment would be nice. Both Naz and her mother enjoyed their time here.

They loved walking around the Old City, getting some delicious drinks at a local coffee shop and exploring the different items the shops had to offer.

Naz was right in her element here as she quickly found an old xylophone we had at the house and began making beautiful music, as you can see in the video below.

Even though their time here was brief, we were blessed to have this close time of fellowship with this sweet family. As we said goodbye and sent the family back to our base in Jaffa, Naz's mother shared words of thanks and hopes to come back after Naz's surgery.

Please continue to pray for them as they continue to wait for the doctors to schedule her complicated surgery. We know the Lord has the best timing and we trust in His will for this precious girl.


A Sweet Little Friend

Posted on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 22:10 by Eva Markewitz
My little friend Naz and her mother are now with us for a quite long time. Because her heart issue is a little more complicated, the hospital wants to wait for a certain surgeon to be available. Therefore, she has had to wait for her surgery longer than usual. In this time of waiting I've had the chance to get to know them a little better.
Naz has been more of a quite girl since she arrived in Israel because everything has been new. At first, she was spending most of her time in the room with her mother. But with each day they spend with us, both Naz and her mother have opened up more and more. They've become a huge blessing to our community.
I've gotten to know Naz as a very cheerful girl. Every morning we greet each other with a joyful "Bayani bash," (good morning in Kurdish). I love going with her to the beach or the playground - everytime we share many laughs and new ideas of how to play. The language seems to be not the tiniest bit of a problem. We communicate with hands and feet, the little Kurdish I know, and the little English she knows. Sometimes, she helps me prepare the salad for lunch or set the table. A few days ago she even helped me clean the room of the mothers without me telling her what to do. She just took a rag and off we went -after a few minutes the room looked perfectly tidy. She is surprising me daily with her helpfulness and the way she does things on her own. She has found her way into my heart and has become my sweet little friend.
Also her mother has a very kind and loving character like a mother for all of us. She is one of the best cooks we have, making a delicious lunch almost everyday.
Naz has been waiting for her surgery for about one month now and still we don't know for sure when her surgery will be. We are praying and hoping for a procedure in the next few days, but it's not confirmed yet. Please join us in praying for Naz and her mother! Though it is a hard time for them, we trust the Lord in his perfect timing for the surgery.

Discharged After Cath

Posted on Thu, 01/12/2017 - 21:43 by Rebekah Yang

This morning after the doctors finished their routines, I was told that Naz was dischargedtoday and could go back to our Jaffa community with us.

Thank God that she had a good night's sleep at the hospital. Now she is returning with us to the Shevet house to wait until her heart surgery is scheduled. Her surgery is expected to be complicated, so she may have to wait a few weeks for all the medical staff to be present and prepared. 
Please join us in praying for her upcoming heart surgery. May our Messiah provide the best timing and bless the medical staff who will perform the best intervention they can for our precious Naz.

Getting Ready

Posted on Wed, 01/11/2017 - 21:43 by Ruth Zellweger

It is so nice to see Naz and her mother warming up more and more and feeling comfortable within our community. Naz's mother has been cooking many delicious meals for our lunches, and Naz is showering her love and affection on little Ramin who is as old as her baby brother Ahmed. They also enjoyed recently a nice outing to the beach, which added to the beautiful memories they had already made. 

Today's catheterization was necessary for getting all information needed for Naz's upcoming surgery; yet it was not very pleasant for this smart girl. Eva and I arrived at the hospital right after Naz had been brought to the cath-department. When we entered the waiting room there it was obvious how frightened Naz was. She cried and held her mother's hand. When the time for the cath had come, they both walked into the cath-room.

Her mother stayed with her until Naz was asleep, and then our waiting time began. The catheterization took only about one hour and a half, and then the mother was allowed to comfort her daughter. Naz had just woken up and was not feeling well. A little while later we went to the children's department where Naz will stay the night. Tomorrow the cardiologists and surgeons will discuss the approach of her heart repair and will hopefully schedule her for surgery next week. 

Admitted for Cath Tomorrow

Posted on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 22:20 by Rebekah Yang

After our morning meeting we got together to pray for Naz and her mum because today Naz was to be admitted at Wolfson hospital for her catheterization tomorrow.

Naz has already experienced heart surgery and other medical treatments, so she has a good understanding of how things work. As soon as we reached the hospital, her face looked serious and tense in anticipation.
Despite the overall seriousness, there was one special moment that was beautiful to witness: Naz's face spread into a lovely and shining smile was when she saw our dear clown friend, Stewart, came by to visit. 
By the time we finished all the necessary check-ups in the children's ward, it was almost lunch time already. So I took Mama Naz and Father Aland to go to the hospital cafeteria in order to get some delicious food.
Soon after lunch, the nursing station gave Naz a bed to stay for resting. Praise God, they right next to another Shevet family, Aland and his father. After they settled down in the ward, Dr. Alona came over for checking. She told us Naz's catheterization won't be the first one tomorrow morning - it will be either second or third and they're going to discuss and will finalize later.
Please pray that our dear Naz and her mum can have a good night's sleep tonight and also pray for her catheterization tomorrow to be smooth and without complications at all.
"Be still and know I am your God."
(Psalm 46:10)

A Successful Scan

Posted on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 21:34 by Eva Markewitz
From our understanding, Naz was not supposed to go to hospital today. But when we arrived there in the morning, just with Aland and his dad, the doctors asked for Naz.
They had already prepared everything for her CT scan they told us, although we didn't know. There must have been some misunderstanding. But anyway, Naz fortunately hadn't eaten yet so that it was no problem to do the CT scan for her heart. Our new volunteer Mattias went back to Jaffa to pick her up and bring her and her mother to do the assessments.
The scan, which is important for the preperation of her heart surgery, went very well. Little Naz is a smart girl indeed - she always wanted her mother to explain what was going to happen.
After they finished, we got some lunch for them. In the afternoon, we were waiting together in the children's ward for our ride back home. 
While there, Naz's mother was a blessing to everyone: she took care of Ramin, encouraged Sonya's mum, who was waiting for the surgery of Sonya to be done, and spent time with Aland and Karina. We had six families at the hospital but it was almost like one big family, because everybody took care of each other.
During her time of waiting, Naz received some sweets, laughed with the clown and walked around a bit. After that long day, we finally left the hospital and came back home happily.

We are very thankful for this slightly chaotic, but successful day. Please join us in praying for Naz that her heart repair may be done soon.

An Emotional First Day

Posted on Mon, 01/02/2017 - 19:27 by Rebekah Yang

This morning was a such big and tiring day for our newly arrived girl, Naz, and her mum. She had all the routine physical examinations from the medical staff in the children's ward first. Afterward, they came to the echo department for her first echo procedure.

Naz already had heart surgery, plus a catheterization, in India in 2014. After that she also had another catheterization back in Kurdistan. Despite her previous procedures, Naz's heart is still not functioning the way it should, and so the Israeli team must decide how best to repair her heart. When other surgeries have already happened, you are no longer just assessing a heart defect - you are assessing a heart defect plus intervention. Therefore her situation is a little bit more complicated than a normal heart defect case, where no prior intervention has taken place.
Her echo procedure took both Drs. Sagi and Alona to assess together. It was indeed not very easy for both of these specialists to come to the same conclusion while they had different perspectives and methods of approach.
Later on, Dr. Sagi was very gentle and helpful to draw us a picture to help explain the problems Naz has at the moment. Through the echo, they found Naz's mitral valve presently is not functioning well and surgery is needed to correct her mitral valve. However, if it's not possible to make her valve function well, then they will have to get her an artificial valve in order to replace her own. Poor Naz seems so smart to understand all the explainations from Dr. Sagi. She was very upset and began crying.
But before the surgeons will do anything, they're going to arrange a CT scan first in order to get all the important information from those images.
Please join me in praying for Naz and her mum, as they have just arrived yesterday and really need strength and patience to adjust to our Jaffa community. Also pray for God to give them peaceful hearts as they wait for the best timing to receive all of Naz's future medical treatment.