Nyan's Heart Surgery

Northern Iraq

A Very Long Wait, and A Successful Catheterization

Posted on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 23:37 by Kristina Kayser

Waiting is difficult no matter how old you are, but for a two-year-old who has not eaten since the night before, it is insufferable. Stephanie and I arrived at Sheba Hospital early in the morning, presuming Nyan to be the first or second case of the day. Alas, the hours turned from morning to afternoon and Nyan grew restless and hungrier still. "Dya, nan! Dya, nan!" ("Mommy, food!") Her lips repeated these words over and over again with increasing agitation. Her little scowl seemed to say, "Why don't you understand?" We used every method of distraction until Nyan, exhausted, was lulled to sleep by her mother's rocking. 

Nyan's mother is a beautiful and endearing woman, who can put anyone at ease with her gentle ways. Both Stephanie and I experienced an immediate affinity with her and felt like we had been friends for years, not days. Likewise, we observed how naturally she mothered Nyan in a very foreign environment. Many women feel helpless or uncertain in their ability to comfort their child in the hospital. This mother, however, met each need naturally and with confidence. 

After Nyan woke up from a long nap, we entertained her in the play area by building towers for her to knock over. Her delightful giggles spilled out into the hallways. A child's laughter is the sweetest music!

Two o'clock arrived and so did the transport team to escort Nyan to the catheterization lab. Her mother calmly stood by her side until cries faded under the effects of anesthesia. It was then that this mother's strength crumbled momentarily and her body shook with sobs. Even though the catheterization is only a diagnostic procedure, it alludes to the challenging reality of Nyan's need for open heart surgery. This is no small weight to bear for a mother who deeply loves her daughter. As we sat waiting, I read the scripture which says, "For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb," (Psalm 139:13). I thought about the way God fashioned Nyan's heart, even with its problems, and that He has a greater purpose for her life then I could ever begin to comprehend. 

Two hours later, Nyan emerged from the cath lab, along with good reports from the nursing staff. Doctors were able to gain valuable information from the 3-D computer imagery that the cath produced. Tomorrow, Sheba's cardiology team will gather to discuss Nyan's results and move forward in their plans for her surgical repair. When Stephanie and I bid her mother goodbye, Nyan was still sleeping peacefully in the recovery room. For the sweet time spent with Nyan and her mother and for a successful outcome of today's test, we give God praise. Please continue to pray for His perfect plan to be carried out in this beautiful little girl's life.

Welcome to Israel Nyan!

Posted on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 23:16 by Stephanie Ventura

Our newest addition to the Shevet community has now arrived in Jerusalem

Nyan's Visa Applications Filed

Posted on Mon, 01/23/2012 - 01:04 by Jonathan Miles

Nyan's applications for visas to Jordan and Israel have been filed, and we hope to bring her to Israel within the next two weeks.