Ramin's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Surgery Tomorrow

Posted on Wed, 12/21/2016 - 22:28 by Eva Markewitz
Precious Ramin was admitted to the hospital today. His father and I had a nice time walking there, as the hospital is located so close to our new home in Jaffa. We pushed a sleeping Ramin in the stroller talked about our families. I asked the father how he is feeling about the coming surgery tomorrow. And he answered that he is very happy for his little son - they have been waiting for this day since the beginning of December.
Finally at the hospital, Ramin was at first a little bit afraid because of this new surrounding and all the strangers. But once he realized that we are still there and staying with him, he became the same old Ramin we know: smiley and active - just adorable.
All the nurses and doctors were amazed by his chubby smile. Even Dr. Tamir callled him "his little Buddha" as he checked on him. Furthermore, it was a great help that Ramin's father is able to speak English.
It simplified the communication with the doctors a lot! The time between the different assesments Ramin spent babbling in his own language, reading a magazine, and in being carried around.

When I left to go home, Ramin even waved me off - such a sweet farewell!

We are so thankful for our little friend and his father. Please pray for Ramin and for the surgery tomorrow. May God bless the hands of the surgeons and strenghten Ramin's little heart.

Ramin's First Day

Posted on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 21:47 by Lewis Ingersoll

This was Ramin's first visit to Wolfson Medical Center. He did well when getting weighed and having some vital signs taken. Getting hooked up to the electrocardigram machine was more of a trial, however.

He was quiet while getting his ears and throat looked over. But he let out a loud noise when a needle was used for the TB test. He was asleep and relaxed while in the echo lab. And having x-rays taken was quietly and quickly over.  

Overall, he did really well on his first day in the hospital. And there were long times of waiting between some of the exams. He had a good hour nap and was playful and content most of the time. His good and pleasant disposition was welcomed by all those who examined him. 

A Sociable Father/Son Duo

Posted on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 20:06 by Agnes Bruna

Alexa and I drove to the airport last night to welcome our 3 new arrivals from Kurdistan, Iraq, with their escorts. 

After a long wait – Ramin’s father had one of his bags missing – Ramin’s father came out with a sleeping Ramin (pronounced Rah-meen) in his arms. Apparently he had been sleeping most of the journey. What a blessing!

As one of the other children, Yaser, had some problems with his oxygen levels, it took some more time before we could set off back home, but Ramin’s father took it all in stride. He clearly was the leader of this little group, and even held all the ticket stubs for everyone. And when I asked for their passports, he first gave me his, and then walked around to the two mothers explaining to them what I needed.

He speaks some English, Kurdish, and Arabic. I can already see this is another father who is going to be a big help, and good company.

Ramin seems to have inherited his father’s pleasant and sociable disposition. Every time I walked past him today, he seemed happy and content, even with all these strangers picking him up and playing with him.

We look forward to getting to know this father/son duo better, and hope to show them our love, and the Father’s love through us.