Raneen 's Heart Surgery

the Gaza Strip

Raneen Returns To Gaza

Posted on Mon, 11/03/2008 - 00:00 by Esther_Mueller


As we arrived today at the hospital to pick Raneen and her mother up, they had just been filmed by a television crew. So I watched them from a distance while they said goodbye to friends and doctors in the hospital, always with the camera behind them.

After the television crew had finished, four of us carried Raneen's bags to the car. As you can imagine, she had a lot of bags! I mention this because at the borderline Raneen's mother had to take everything out of the bags. We were sorry she couldn't walk through the border without any problems like other children before. (Moreover, I was surprised we were allowed to take a few pictures of the child and her mother at the border.)

But the important thing is that Raneen and her mother returned back to their home today! I was looking at this little family walking away, amazed at the whole process. Their journey out of Gaza, examination, heart surgery and journey back took only one week. How quickly we can help save a child's life!

Thank you to everybody who supported Raneen, either in financial support or in prayer. You made it happen. She can go now to school without chest infections or fatigue. With her restored heart, this young girl is able to live her life like all other kids around her. Thank you again. God bless you a thousand times.

Only Television Keeping Her in Hospital

Posted on Sun, 11/02/2008 - 06:50 by Keleigh_Glisson

As I was eating lunch today in Jerusalem I received a surprise phone call from the hospital. Raneen was being released from the hospital and was going back to Gaza! I asked the nurse twice on the phone to confirm the name of the child, which she did.

Even as I drove to the hospital I was sure the hospital had made a mistake. I was thinking that they confused Raneen with Shada, but I didn't understand how that would happen since Raneen is a ten-year-old girl and Shada is just a baby.

As Esther and I pulled into the hospital there sat Raneen and her mother ready, with their bags to go home. Our plan was to go in and spend a few minutes with the other children before heading to Gaza with Raneen and her mother.

As I was walking away from Ali's bed I received a phone call from our partner organization, Save A Child's Heart. They wanted to know if Raneen would be willing to stay one more night in the hospital. As I approached Raneen's mother with this possibility she was less than thrilled. The reason for this request was due to a television station's interest in Raneen's story. Tomorrow the station is scheduled to come to the hospital to do a story on all of the Palestinian children, but they want to feature Raneen. Once Raneen's mother understood that her daughter's face would be on T.V., her frustration quickly turned to a smile. A few minutes later the doctor in charge of the ICU approached her and thanked her for her willingness to stay for another night. She responded with an even larger smile.

Raneen is doing great. She is up and walking around as if she didn't have open-heart surgery just five days ago. Tomorrow, after her television interview, she will return to Gaza.

Extubated Today and Doing Well

Posted on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 00:00 by Keleigh_Glisson

When I walked into the ICU I saw Raneen lying quietly with her eyes wide open. Her mother was by her side. Both were quiet as I asked the nurses for an update. Raneen was successfully extubated today and is doing well. They hope to move her out of the ICU tomorrow. Raneen, like most kids after surgery, isn't quite herself yet, although I was able to see a brief smile when I showed her the picture I had taken of her. Please pray that Raneen will continue to recover quickly.

Recovering In ICU After Quick Surgery

Posted on Tue, 10/28/2008 - 00:00 by Keleigh_Glisson

Raneen's surgery today was a quick one. When I took Raneen's mother into the ICU after the surgery to see Raneen for the first time, Raneen responded immediately to her mother's voice. Raneen was talking, moving her legs, and asking desperately for water. This caused her mother to cry. Raneen was extraordinarily alert for a child having just come out of heart surgery! A nurse took the tape off her eyes so she could open them.

The doctors gave her as much medication as they could in order to sedate her so she wouldn't be awake and feel the pain. But even after the maximum dosage, Raneen was still wide awake. A different drug finally did the trick, and she fell asleep.

Raneen is doing great, and the doctors plan to extubate her tomorrow.

Fearful About Tomorrow's Surgery

Posted on Mon, 10/27/2008 - 00:00 by Keleigh_Glisson

I found Raneen and her mother eating lunch in their room today. I expected her to be very shy, but after I introduced myself she gave me a grin and told me her name. Gigi was with me, which allowed us to pray for her in Arabic. Later in the day I was speaking with one of the doctors and Raneen passed by. As she did she grabbed my hand to say hello. I was happy to see that she remembered me and felt comfortable saying hello.

Her surgery is scheduled to take place tomorrow. She and her mother are both very fearful. Please pray that, like Shada's surgery today, Raneen's surgery will be smooth and successful.

New Hope as Raneen Reaches Israel

Posted on Sun, 10/26/2008 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey

This 10-year-old girl just arrived at Wolfson Children's Hospital this morning. She is in the fifth grade and has a hole in her heart that the doctors believe can be taken care of by surgery. She is very shy and afraid of needles. She refused to let us take her picture until she saw me taking photos of some of the other children in the hospital.

Her surgery is not yet scheduled; however, we are hoping that it will be some time this week.

Please remember to hold her up in prayer. Pray that God will give her peace and that she will learn to be comfortable with the doctors and the nurses. The main thing she needs right now is to be free of fear and to know that God can take care of her. Thank you for your prayers. Every child you pray for or help support is another miracle!