Rayan's Heart Surgery

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Cleared for Heart Surgery!

Posted on Thu, 07/11/2013 - 23:46 by Susan Kent

After a somewhat restless night of sleep and necessary fasting prior to his catheterization at Sheba Hospital, we found little rambunctious Rayan more subdued this morning.  Even so, he was quick to greet us with a sweet smile when we entered his room and even felt up to walking around and playing a bit. A half hour before his procedure, Rayan fell fast asleep which made for a less traumatic transfer to the operating room - for Rayan but not his mother, of course.

How do you comfort a worried mother who has entrusted her precious child to doctors in a foreign land who don’t speak her language, especially when you also cannot speak her language?  I prayed as I sat next to her that the Lord would communicate His love through my presence, and that she would experience the peace that only He can provide.  I also prayed for a successful catheterization for Rayan, which was the result, to our profound relief and delight. Praise the Lord!!

Doctors had threaded a small catheter through his femoral artery and into his heart. Special dye was then injected into the catheter, which highlighted every chamber and vessel in his heart. Through 3-D computer imagery, the medical staff were able to map out Rayan’s heart condition and procure all the necessary information for a successful surgery.

Unfortunately, waking up from anesthesia is more difficult on little ones.  Despite warnings from the nursing staff, you could not blame Rayan’s mother for giving him the water he cried desperately for, and then quite dramatically vomited  (water only) 10 minutes later.  This however, clearly provided the necessary relief his little body needed and he fell immediately into a deep restful sleep – on fresh bedding provided by the attentive staff at Sheba.

Rayan will spend tonight (and possibly the weekend) at the hospital recovering from his catheterization procedure.  Next step, heart surgery! God willing, this could be as soon as this Sunday, July 14.

Rayan Admitted for Cardiac Catheterization

Posted on Thu, 07/11/2013 - 10:42 by Kaytlin Butler

Waiting is a difficult task for anyone, but sometimes it can be especially difficult for our mothers here at Shevet as they cope with separation from family during an emotionally stressful time. Rayan and his mother have spent the last two weeks waiting with us in Jerusalem for an available catheterization date which has understandably been the source of some impatience and frustration.

Though catheterizations are typically only conducted on Tuesdays, the staff at Sheba Hospital made a special exception yesterday afternoon. We received an unexpected call requesting Rayan and Darbaz for admission before tests began early this morning. This development has been an incredible answer to prayer and we are so thankful for the helpfulness of Sheba’s amazing staff.

Rayan and his mother were especially joyful yesterday given the excitement of the occasion. At home, Rayan is particularly known for his bouncy curls and sweet smile. Yesterday, however, he was all grins as he talked nearly non-stop and charmed the nurses with his playfulness. After starting a game of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” he ran around in a circle hugging everyone’s legs and kissing their knees while softly singing “Knees and toes, knees and toes!” As the nurses watched him, one of the ladies commented, “I wish they all came in like this!”

Please pray for patience for Rayan and his mother as they settle in at the hospital. We hope to hear from our friends at Sheba soon regarding the results of today’s tests and hope that they will lead to plans for surgery in the near future!

Wild Rayan's First Day at Sheba

Posted on Sun, 06/23/2013 - 22:36 by Philip Rasmussen

Last Thursday evening we received two new families here in Jerusalem. Since they arrived on Shabbat, we were not able to bring them to Sheba for initial assessments until today.

I had the honor of following little Rayan around as he had his first encounter with the hospital; thankfully he immediately seemed to settle into his new surroundings. Rayan is an incredibly joyful little boy, and it does not take much to turn his face into one big smile.

There were many children scheduled for today’s clinic so we spent a lot of the time amusing ourselves in the small playground waiting area. Rayan is a wild child! It was a great joy for me to be around this small guy. I think the needs of his wild heart were met today - at least it seemed like it when he fell into a deep sleep in his mother’s arms at the end of our hospital stay.

Rayan went through all of the assessments laughing, smiling, and showing great courage. He is going to need that courage, as he will most likely have to undergo a catheterization before his surgery. Due to a tight cath-schedule at Sheba, Rayan will most likely not undergo the catheterization this week. This gives us more time to really get to know this sweet little boy before we have to send him on a long hospital journey. Let’s praise God for this grateful, loving family that has come into our lives, and pray that they will encounter His love here in our community.

Coming Soon: Rayan

Posted on Tue, 06/04/2013 - 13:31 by Kelsey Cannon

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