Rezhna's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Rezhna Through Cath, Close to Surgery

Posted on Wed, 01/06/2010 - 00:00 by Michelle_Bradburn

Rezhna has been eagerly awaiting the day when she would be called back to the hospital, and yesterday she was ecstatic to be finally called in for a catheterization the following day. Though slightly nervous to realize her surgery was drawing so near, she was smiled optimistically all throughout the day, even when it came time for the needles!

This morning when we arrived at the hospital, Rezhna had already been taken back for her catheterizion, and had been in there for over two hours. Her mother was nervously pacing the hall outside, traces of tears in her worried eyes. When the doctors finished, however, and happily announced that the everything was very good, her anxious countenance was quickly transformed.

Rezhna herself was quite unconfortable from the process--hardly conscious, tears flowing and terribly thirsty. Yet her mother was always there, standing strongly by her side to hold her hand and encourage. Even while they rolled her bed quickly through the halls to the children's ward she remained by her side, though she had to be nearly running to keep up with them.

As we left Rezhna was still quite shaken from the cath, mostly due to the fear than anything else. Her mother knew all was well and simply smiled, so grateful and relieved that her daughter was another step closer to a healthy heart! The doctors said the catheterization was completely successfull, her heart was very good, and she was now ready for surgery sometime next week. Please pray God will continue to bless this precious young woman and her mother. Pray that He would give them his great peace as this long awaited day draws close, comforting them with His love and reminding them that He's always by their side.

Rezhna's First Echo

Posted on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey

We took Rezhna, Hardeen and Hanar to Wolfson for their echocardiogram tests very early in the morning. Rezhna was very quiet, and she slept on the way there. After we arrived, she woke up started taking pictures with her cell phone. Then she showed me pictures of her father and her brothers.

I notice that Rezhna could not walk very far without having to stoop down. This is a coping technique that children with this heart defect teach themselves. It seems that when they stoop down like that it forces the oxygen up into their lungs and they can breathe better.

After Rezhna's echo, Dr. Alona told me that she was going to change her situation. I found out that this meant she was changing her medicine. Before we left they gave her the first dose and told us to go to lunch and come back in an hour so they could see how this was going to work. I noticed when we were going back to the nurses' station Rezhna walked all the way without having to stop.

Please pray for Rezhna. She did not mind the echo because they didn't have to use any needles, but I believe she still has much fear. Pray that God will give her peace!

Rezhna Happy to be inIsrael

Posted on Sun, 12/06/2009 - 00:00 by Jonathan Miles

Fourteen-year-old Rezhna and her mother reached Israel this evening, and throughout the nine-hour trip from Jordan she showed herself a happy and playful young lady, even leaping out of the van at one of the many checkpoints along the way and giggling with glee.

At other times the effects of her heart condition were apparent, as she tired at even slight exertion.

Tonight Rezhna is resting at the Shevet Center in chilly Jerusalem, in preparation for her first exams tomorrow at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. The journey has begun toward the surgery which may offer her a completely new outlook on her life. Please join us in praying that she'll find every good thing that her Father in heaven has prepared for her.