Ronyal's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Frail Ronyal To Stay At Wolfson

Posted on Thu, 12/30/2010 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey
When we got to Wolfson the nurses told us that Ronyal and her mother would be going back to Shevet Achim with us today. They already had her bed moved out in the hall. We had taken some food up to the families and after one of the other patients relatives translated that we should wait until we were sure, the mothers all had the food we had taken to them for lunch. It was good to have them all there. It helped our new families.

As the day wore on the nurse came and read Ronyal PPD test for tuberculosis. She also told me that they had changed the plans for Ronyal: she was going to be moved to the other building on the second floor and that she would have a private room. Her chest x-ray and the C.T. they had done yesterday had concerning results, and they want to keep her nearby. We did get to know each other better and Ronyal took pictures of her mom and I. Please continue to pray for her, she is so weak and frail looking. Pray that her and her mom will come to know the same Jesus that we know, the one who restores and gives new life to His children. I know that He has a plan for her life. Pray that He will reveal this to her. God bless you all.

Ronyal Hospitalized on Arrival in Israel

Posted on Tue, 12/28/2010 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey

Ronyal reached Jordan on Christmas Day, just over three weeks since she was singled out as a most urgent case during Dr. Kirk Milhoan's last screening in Iraq. She was so weak that she had to be carried up the stairs to reach the home of our coworkers Dirk and Manuela. The next day we set out for Jerusalem, and yesterday Ronyal had her first appointment at Wolfson Hospital, and because of her being very weak we took her in a wheelchair for the various tests that are done on admission. During Ronyal's PPD test she began coughing blood, and doctors told us to take her downstairs quickly and have her admitted because she was too sick to leave the hospital. They did her echocardiogram at the emergency room, and we left her and her mother in the hospital.

Today Jennifer went to Wolfson and checked on Ronyal while she was there. The doctors told her that they are going to do a CT for her tomorrow. Please be praying for her and her mother. She is very weak and her mother has to carry her up steps and she cannot do hardly anything. Pray that Ronyal will be operable and that the Lord would give her a special healing touch. She needs a miracle. She's already been granted a miracle by living as long as she has, but we know that God is able to complete the miracles He starts.