Roshna's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

A Beautiful First

Posted on Mon, 08/01/2016 - 22:32 by Eric Sanchez

Yesterday was Roshna and her father's first time on an outing to the sea. It was such a beautiful sight as we went downhill to the beach parking lot and could see come into view the majestically blue Mediterranean.

It was truly a breathtaking sight, and one can only imagine the thoughts that were running through these two's minds. This is the pair's first time outside of their home country, so it already filled with many new experiences. This first, however, was something extremely special, and it could be seen by the way they just stood and took in all of the awe-inspiring natural beauty that cannot be experienced where they are from. Everything was so new, so bright, so peaceful, so beautiful. It was almost as if this moment was a beautiful expression of this journey they are on. Here, so far from what they have always known, and so far into the unknown, they find so much beauty they never had never known was there. They had come so far, and now, all they can do is simply stop, rest, and take in God's vastness. The sea seemed such a blessing to all of us, and just being there was a gift by God's grace.

For Roshna and her dad, it seemed a time to unwind from the weariness brought on by this journey, and the stresses that sometimes come from being away from their family. Even amidst the stress and uncertainty that comes from what life brings to us, there is always rest and something new waiting for us ahead to bless us, that we would not have seen had we not begun the journey in uncertainty. As they relaxed on the beach in this beautiful new place, they were able to enjoy each other's company and share in this new experience together, one that they no doubt will remember all of their lives. 

A Little Sunshine

Posted on Thu, 07/28/2016 - 20:52 by Rebekah Yang

Our precious Roshna came to our Shevet family almost two weeks ago, and I have been seeing her change bit by bit since her first day of arrival. At the beginning she cried every single moment when she did not see her dad. Whenever we tried to have any interaction with her, the most she would say was, "no, no." However, after these days of living together and spending time with her, I could see her becoming more and more open towards of all of Shevet's volunteers.

This morning was a great opportunity to see how she enjoyed to playing; first with Nava and then with our guests, Herb and Kate, who brought their puppet friends here.

While Roshna was having her fun time, I asked her father what is the meaning of Roshna. He looked very happy and proud to say roshna means light, in Kurdish. I could see the radiance of happiness fully showing when he talked about Roshna, his little light.

Praise God this little sunshine is gradually showing us her beautiful character, created by our Heavenly Father. Please join our prayer for dear Roshna and her father, may God bless them to have patience and strength while we wait for her surgery day.

A Big Day

Posted on Mon, 07/18/2016 - 22:24 by Rebekah Yang

Today was a big day for Roshna. We left early this morning for her first medical assessment at Wolfson hospital inTel-Aviv.

She was not in a good mood while we were on our way because it was very early and she was very sleepy. During her gernal vital signs check - the nurse wanted to take her blood pressure, body temperature and EKG - she fought with and it took us a while to finish these things. Later on, when the nurse came to draw her blood, we again tried to calm her down.

However, for her echo she was given sedation medication and praise God - her echo finished smoothly.

Dr. Alona told her father that she will find a Kurdish speaker who can explain to him everything involved with Roshna's heart surgery so he and his family can understand completely.

Please lift up Roshna and her father in your prayers. May God's peace bless her father and provide him with strength daily. In the name of Messiah I pray. Amen!



Posted on Sun, 07/17/2016 - 21:58 by Rebekah Yang

It was such a privilege for me to go to the airport with Josh last night, in order to welcome Roshna and her father from Kurdistan.

She has only been with us for a short amount of time and already we have seen her beautiful smile. We welcome them into our Shevet family. Please lift her and her father up in your prayers for strength, joy and courage as they face the first assessments tomorrow.