Rozhgar's Heart Surgery

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A Transformed Heart for Rozhgar

Posted on Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:38 by Kristina Kayser

I can think of nothing more moving to the human spirit than the beauty of transformation. Whether it be a lowly caterpillar bursting from its chrysalis with wispy butterfly wings, or seemingly lifeless trees suddenly clothed with spring, or a darkened soul set free from despair, transformation on every plane leaves us captivated. Over the course of two years, I have found myself in this state again and again as I watch children receive the gift of a new heart. And while the privilege of witnessing miracles at Shevet may be replete, they are never commonplace. Rozhgar's story is one such example. 

This lovely twelve-year-old girl walked through our doors two months ago. Characteristic of a heart belabored with defects, she came weak and cyanotic. Her lips appeared as though she wore a persistent shade of purple gloss. A short walk found her catching her breath and looking for a place to rest. Upon studying her initial echo results, one Israeli doctor even asked how Rozhgar was still alive. All this to say, the future looked bleak. But as we rallied in prayer and watched the cardiac team provide scrupulous care, the tables began to turn. 

A palliative surgery to generate better circulation was completed. This was followed by four difficult weeks of recovery. Excess fluid build up and chest tubes dampened spirits and were the cause of many tears for Rozhgar and her mother. But God was faithful to heal, and the manifestations of a heart change began to surface. Rozhgar returned to us in Jerusalem full of joy, to continue her recuperation at home.

These were sweet days, punctuated by laughter, cookie baking, and outings to the park. Her oxygen level rose, pinking her cheeks and reaching to the periphery of fingers and toes. Rozhgar's personality blossomed as well. The once quiet and subdued girl charmed us all with her quick wit and antics. She called all of us older girls, "Dada" (big sister), and loved just being with us. Before we knew it, Rozhgar was ready to return to Kurdistan. 

On the eve of her departure, Rozhgar and her friend, Sara, helped me make sugar cookies for the farewell party. With our faces and aprons christened with flour, cut-outs of Christmas trees, hippos, cellos, and sea-horses emerged from the dough. Unorthodox cookie shapes, I know, but delicious just the same.

Once the finishing touches of icing and sprinkles were added, it was time to celebrate! Our entire community gathered upstairs in honor of Rozhgar and Ramyar. The staccato blend of guitar and drumbeats reverberated against the stone walls as we sang praises to God, the Faithful Healer. Gifts were given along with words of love and affirmation to Rozhgar and her mother. We recounted the Lord's grace in the midst of hardship and the way He healed Rozhgar from the inside out. While her primary surgery is still forthcoming, she already looks and lives like a brand new girl. Her beautiful smile lit up the room as we ended the evening with a commemorative DVD starring Rozhgar. 

Blustery wind and rain greeted us Friday morning as we prepared to say goodbye to our dear friends. I noticed both mother and daughter were crying as they gave each person a hug and kiss. Though only twelve years old, Rozhgar is well on her way to becoming a graceful young lady. She smiled bravely behind the tears. Then, just before leaving, a prayer of thanksgiving was offered for all of God's blessings, accompanied by a burst of sunshine.

And God's grace shone down again the next day in Jordan as Rozhgar and her mother boarded an airplane for the last leg of their journey home.


Truly, He has preserved Rozhgar's life and given us the joy of witnessing His redemptive work. And I am captivated once again. May her heart beat to the rhythm of grace found in this timeless promise: "Then He who sat on the throne said, 'Behold, I make all things new.'" Revelation 21:5a 

Posted on Mon, 12/17/2012 - 21:28 by Ryan Gregg

Rozhgar and her mother today with a nurse at Wolfson Hospital

Several times I looked over my right shoulder at Rozhgar this morning, sitting behind me in the van. Her legs were propped up, and she seemed content with dreamy expression on her face. She would offer a small smile and a warming of the eyes. But I wouldn

Fun in the Sun

Posted on Sun, 12/16/2012 - 15:56 by Donna_Petrel

No one really likes waiting. Waiting before heart surgery can be intense, especially for worried parents; waiting between hospital appointments can be frustrating, especially for healing bodies who want to go home. So while Rawand and his mom wait to be called for surgery, and Rozhgar, Ramyar and their moms wait for a final echocardiogram, we sought a special outing to keep everyone encouraged. Much to our joy, last Friday presented just such an opportunity. On a sunny day in the Tel Aviv area, Rozhgar, Ramyar, Rawand and their mothers had a picnic outing to the Mediterranean Sea. It was delightful - we'll let the pictures tell the story! We hope you will pray for these children as you read, and enjoy the waves, smiles and seashells.

Gratitude and Peace

Posted on Mon, 12/10/2012 - 20:46 by Anna Gilmour

It was an exciting day for Rozhgar, her mother, and our staff who accompanied them to the hospital in Tel Aviv. After a quiet ride in the van, we picked up Rozhgar

Rozhgar Back at the Shevet House

Posted on Mon, 12/03/2012 - 00:27 by Katie Weinheimer

The weather was simply beautiful when we set off to collect Rozhgar and Ramyar from Wolfson hospital earlier today. We could not believe how lovely and warm it was in Jerusalem on this First Advent Sunday, whilst our family and friends back home are braving the cold! As I was admiring the stunningly blue sky and drinking in the glorious sunshine, I could not help but feel that nature itself was rejoicing with us at the wonderful news of the release of these two precious children. My heart was full of thanks as I was humming a song we had sung at our morning meeting about how we see the heavens proclaiming God day after day. And what a proclamation of God

Rozhgar: Beaming

Posted on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 20:06 by Donna_Petrel

Today's visit to Wolfson was short and sweet. Short because of a massive traffic jam which kept us sitting in traffic instead of visiting with Rozhgar and Ramyar. But very sweet indeed since we found Rozhgar free of both her chest tubes and her antibiotic drip. She and her mother were both beaming, and we gave thanks to God for this day's arrival. She is encouraged by medical staff to walk, to keep her strength up and the fluid build up away, and she was happily compliant to this direction. Earlier this afternoon she had been out walking, and struck out again after nurses took her vital signs and gave the green light. Besides this great news, there was even more to be thankful and joyful about: If her echocardiogram looks good in the morning tomorrow, she is likely to be released to Jerusalem, praise God! Keep her in your prayers as her healing progresses.

One Chest Tube Removed

Posted on Tue, 11/27/2012 - 22:54 by Kelsey Cannon

It had been awhile since I had seen Rozhgar. But today I was able to spend some quality time with her and her mother as she continues to recovery in the children

Rozhgar's Healing Rollercoaster

Posted on Thu, 11/22/2012 - 23:21 by Donna_Petrel

Last night we got a call from Wolfson with the discouraging news that Rozhgar would probably need a second chest tube re-inserted this morning. She and her mother needed to know that she couldn't eat anything after four in the morning. This would allow her to be admitted directly to ICU if necessary after the morning echocardiogram. We were all hoping she wouldn't need to have a second tube yet again, but this morning's echo showed that she did indeed need the help that an additional drainage tube would provide.

I was informed of the situation by Dr. Houri in the ICU when he came to Ramyar's bedside to ask for help with translation. We walked to Rozhgar's bed in the small room adjacent to the ICU where minor procedures are done, and there he began by expressing that the staff was sorry that this was such a long process for Rozhgar. He explained that for children her age, with the specific surgery required to heal her heart, this was a very common post-operative condition. The reason is that her lungs are now receiving normal blood flow, carrying more oxygen to her body. While it seems logical that the body would respond by recovering quickly, in fact it is a slow process for the lungs to adjust to the change. He said that it was nothing to be worried about, that they are attending it with everything she needed. It is important for them to recognize the need for patience. Further, he commented that Rozhgar's mother's attitude made the difference in how Rozhgar herself responded to this challenge; it is important that she has patience for her daughter's sake. Then he shared the story of a boy from Africawho is the same age and had the same surgery, who had recently gone home after experiencing the very same problems and length of hospital stay. 

As Dr. Houri spoke, I translated all these things to the best of my ability for Rozhgar's mother. It seemed she was encouraged to hear the doctor himself reiterating that this was not something to be fearful about, that it is very normal in cases like her daughter's. She asked how many times Rozhgar would have to have the tubes, and how long they'd have to stay in, and of course the doctor could not answer those questions. Rozhgar herself was not very tuned in to the conversation, as she was in pain following the procedure, moaning while waiting for the medication to settle the pain. Her mother became emotional for a few moments, but I reminded her of the need to be brave for Rozhgar's sake. She asked me again about the African boy who'd just gone home, expressing her understanding that this is a normal part of healing for certain children. Soon after we finished talking about everything the doctor had shared, Rozhgar fell asleep, her pain relieved. The ICU staff continued to monitor her condition a while longer, and then said she would be moved back to her room, where she could eat some lunch. 

Please pray fervently for Rozhgar's healing to come forth speedily. Pray that her mother would be strengthened with patience in her mind and her heart. She is not taking her needed rest due to Rozhgar's demands when she is uncomfortable, which puts her mother in a difficult place of trying to meet her daughter's needs without a 'full tank' of energy herself with which to handle the circumstances. We're praying with you, trusting God's faithful care and perfect plan for Rozhgar's life.

Rozhgar Improving by the Day

Posted on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 22:40 by Kristina Kayser

I peeked inside Wolfson's secondary ICU this morning, expecting to see Rozhgar and her mother in their ordinary spot. But I saw an empty children's crib instead. My next thought brought a smile to my face: Rozhgar must have been moved to a room in the pediatric ward! My supposition was correct, as I soon found her and her mum in their newest locale. The best way to describe these two is that they are, once again, themselves. The lovely sparkle has returned to Rozhgar's eyes, while her mother is the calm and confident mother, without a trace of fear on her countenance. One remaining chest tube was discontinued yesterday with the plan of inserting a new one today. However, after Dr. Alona's exam this morning, this action was deemed unnecessary, as the excess fluid surrounding Rozhgar's lungs has continued to recede. So much improvement has been achieved that our beautiful girl will most likely return to Jerusalem by week's end. Praise God for His gift of perfect healing and restoration of joy.

A Cheerful Visit

Posted on Sun, 11/18/2012 - 16:28 by Ruth Zellweger

Last Friday I had the chance to visit Rozhgar and her mother at the Wolfson Medical Center. It had been a few days since I last saw her and I was excited to be part of the visitation team. The previous days both Rozhgar and her mother had their ups and downs, calling Kristina frequently. To drain the increasing fluid around her right lung the doctors had decided to insert a second chest tube. This news was devastating for Rozhgar