Sana's Heart Surgery

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Great Timing On Sana's Surgery Day

Posted on Thu, 09/27/2012 - 23:46 by Donna_Petrel

Just as Kelsey and I were about to leave for Sheba last night to take our turn sitting with Essa and his mom, the hospital called asking that we bring Sana for admission. "Wow, what perfect timing!" I thought to myself as I ran up the stairs to share the great news with Sana and her mom. After the shock wore off and delightful realization set in, Sana shared something which made me even more aware of the beauty of the timing. She said that yesterday she went outside to sit on our rooftop area and talk to God. She said she prayed that if Thursday is a good day for her surgery, to please let the hospital call, but if it wasn't, it was ok, and she knew God would have the right time later. You can imagine the look on her face and the tone of her voice as she shared this experience after receiving the phone call to come for surgery. She was so excited to be going forward after offering her prayer, one would think she was going on vacation!  

After admission, Sana was settled into her room, and before long was watching intently as the cannula was put in for her IV medication. She was instructed to eat as much as she wanted until midnight, after which time she must fast in preparation for Thursday morning

Sana to Surgery in the Morning

Posted on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 22:08 by Jonathan Miles

After nearly two weeks of waiting for surgery, Sana was in tears this week at news that her slot for Thursday had been taken by a more urgent case. Our community members spent hours helping her process this disappointment and encouraging Sana and her mother to trust God.

Tonight, after the end of Yom Kippur, came the unexpected call inviting Sana to come immediately to the hospital. We sent her off with our prayers.

On arrival at the hospital Donna learned that Sana is back on the surgery schedule for 8 am tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Let's continue to hold this precious girl before the Lord as she goes through these life-changing events.

Sana Waiting In Jerusalem For Surgery

Posted on Wed, 09/12/2012 - 22:20 by Tabea Schnidrig

Pretty early this morning we received a phone call from Sana

Catheterization Prepares Sana for Surgery

Posted on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 22:46 by Tabea Schnidrig

When we arrived this morning at Sheba Hospital, Sana and her mother were at the IMC (Intermediate Care) Station, waiting for Sana

Sana's Treatment Begins Right Away

Posted on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 00:39 by Jesse Tilman

Today we took Sana and her mother to Sheba hospital, glad that they had been called in so soon after arriving in Israel.  On the way Sana helped us learn a few Kurdish words, with her joyful voice sounding through the vehicle. She is conversational in her English ability, as is her mother. When we settled into the hospital this came in handy as we conversed with the nurses about medical histories and such.

After waiting a while in the cardiac ward, she went in for a short echo cardiogram. The doctor told us that she should stay for a catheterization tomorrow which will prepare her for surgery. The surgery is going to be the second step in what is called the Fontan procedure. She received the first part four years ago in 2008.

The nurses showed Sana and her mother to their room, and we showed them how to pull out the hide-a-bed from the seat, and where the bathrooms and kitchen are. Mother and daughter seemed content and resigned to the procedures of hospital life. We left them with words of comfort and assurances of future visits. I looked back as we walked away and waved, but they were both already busy talking to the nurse.

A Young Woman Returns

Posted on Sun, 09/09/2012 - 23:30 by Jonathan Miles

The women of the Shevet Achim community warmly embraced Sana tonight on her return to Israel after four years, now herself a young woman.

Sana's now a high school student, speaking Kurdish, Arabic, and English, and--according to her proud mother--carrying a 97 percent grade point average.

Although she looks healthy, Sana tires on exertion and her oxygen levels are about 70% of normal. Doctors in Israel will be evaluating her to see if the time has come for the next stage of her heart repair.

Sana Returning to Israel After Four Years

Posted on Mon, 08/13/2012 - 00:44 by Jonathan Miles

Sana first had heart surgery in Israel four years ago, and is now returning for further evaluation toward the completion of her repair. 

We're putting her visa application to Israel in this week, and hope she and her mother can be here by the end of August.