Shadi 's Heart Surgery

The Gaza Strip

Shadi Doing Well At Home In Gaza

Posted on Wed, 06/17/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

Shadi returned home to Gaza two weeks ago, after recovering sufficiently to travel. As you can see from the photo, his color, posture, and overall appearance of health is far improved from when we first brought him for reevaluation earlier this year. His problems with difficulty breathing and not carrying sufficient oxygen in his blood have disappeared.

When we called his family to check up on his condition at home, they reported that he was doing well and expressed their thanks.

Shadi still needs one more surgery for his heart to be fully repaired and this operation could take place in one to three years. Please continue praying for Shadi, that he would experience a wonderful childhood thanks to the blessings he has received in Israel so far, and that God would protect him now and through his future surgery.

Kicking For Joy

Posted on Tue, 05/26/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

This is the face of a very happy baby! Shadi was the happiest I have ever seen him today, happy just to be alive, and kicking as the pictures show. This is such a tremendous contrast to his demeanor when he first arrived that it is especially rewarding to see his face light up for any reason. Shadi's vital signs are still reading good, but his third surgery will not be done on this trip to Israel. It will likely happen in about one year's time so his heart can fully recuperate. If all goes well Shadi should be allowed to go home within the coming few weeks.

Awake, Alert, Attentive

Posted on Sun, 05/24/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

We visited Shadi today at Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv. When we arrived we found that he was doing well enough to be discharged from the ICU and was in the ward with the rest of the patients. Shadi was awake, alert, and surprisingly attentive to his surroundings and me in particular when he recognized me. When I entered he looked at me from his crib and followed me with his eyes as I crossed the room, turning his head and body over to get a better look.

I made eye contact with him several times but he wouldn't crack a smile or make a peep while I was there. I took his silence as a good sign that he was not in any pain. Please continue to pray for Shadi as he still needs a third heart surgery in order to be fully healed.

Extubated And In Stable Condition

Posted on Sat, 05/23/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

Shadi has been extubated and he's in stable condition, though still attached to several machines. He will likely remain in the ICU for several days to continue recovering. Though he was sleeping when we visited him, his mother said that he has awakened from the surgery. Shadi's mother seems to be doing well also.


Posted on Wed, 05/20/2009 - 01:00 by Donna_Petrel

I saw Shadi's mother first thing this morning in the hallway, and asked her how Shadi was doing. She said only so-so, as his fever was up and his oxygen was down. I was anxious to go in and see for myself, but didn't have opportunity until after Hamza's surgery. 

As I entered the ICU the doctors were gathered at Shadi's bed discussing his case while making their rounds.

Um ("mother of") Shadi was not in the room at the time, so I waited for the doctors to finish and got an update. Shadi is improved and doctors expect to extubate him and wake him up tomorrow. His blood oxygenation was hovering around 75% this afternoon. 

Please pray that Shadi will have a supernaturally fast and good recovery from this surgery. Pray that his mother will have peace during Shadi's hospital stay, and strength to persevere for as long as it takes for God's healing process to be completed.

Shadi Comes Through Difficult Surgery

Posted on Tue, 05/19/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

Shadi seemed to be doing much better when we visited him before his surgery at Wolfson Medical Center yesterday. He was eating lunch and to my surprise was very excited to see me when I entered the room. Shadi couldn't keep from smiling and laughing and we played together for several minutes. Having Raged in the bed next to him also gave him someone his own age to play with. Follow this link to watch a short video clip of Shadi. 
Initially we were told that Shadi's complicated surgery may be delayed, but today we found that the surgery would go ahead today.
The surgery was successful, though the doctors determined that a third heart surgery will be necessary for Shadi. The surgeon explained that the surgery was difficult because of preexisting scar tissue from the first surgery. Because of this and difficulties with the lung, the surgeon was required to use an alternate path to reach his heart. As the surgeon explained, showing us a picture of Shadi's chest on the monitor, it is a matter of millimeters between life and death in his case.
While in the operating room, the surgeon prepared Shadi's heart for work that is to be done in his third and final heart surgery. This will ease the strain put on his heart because of its inability to oxygenate the blood properly.
Shadi's mother seemed relatively calm after the surgery was completed. Shadi was hooked up to a dozen machines in the ICU, but he is stable and doing well.

CT Scan Today, Surgery Later This Week

Posted on Mon, 05/11/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

We visited Shadi again today to see if he would have surgery and to find out how he was adjusting. The doctors performed a CT scan this morning and determined that it would be best to wait a couple days before surgery, possibly on Wednesday. When we arrived he was sound asleep from the sedation given to him so he would remain calm during the CT scan. While Shadi slept, we spent some time encouraging and chatting with his mother.

Fearful Shadi Returns To Israel For Surgery

Posted on Sun, 05/10/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong
We brought Shadi from Gaza today for open-heart surgery which could take place as soon as tomorrow. When Shadi and his mother came across the border, I immediately recognized them from their last trip, when we brought Shadi out for a heart catheterization to investigate the status of his heart. That catheterization determined this present surgery was necessary. When I brought Shadi out on March 17, and the following day when I took him back home to Gaza, he did not seem especially afraid despite having just undergone minor surgery. I was able to snap the picture below--the only time I've seen him laugh and smile since.
When we arrived at the hospital today, Shadi seemed afraid of just about anyone who looked official--nurses, doctors, and myself--and would cry almost instantly in their presence.
Thankfully we were able to sit him and his mother down among our other Palestinian and Iraqi patients at the hospital, and Shadi played and snacked peacefully for a short while.
After completing his check-in, Shadi was resting in his crib, still visibly afraid, but with his mother by his side.