Viyan's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

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MRI Scan

Posted on Tue, 05/15/2018 - 21:19 by Georgia Willcocks

Viyan had an MRI scan at the hospital today. It is always lovely to spend time with her and her mum, trying to teach me a bit more Kurdish and looking at photos and videos of our families. 

Viyan's mum has a helpful friend at the end of the phone, who is able to speak Kurdish as well as Hebrew. Translation was appreciated by the staff at the hospital, and this ease of communication helped the appointment to go ahead smoothly. The staff were patient and thorough to ensure that Viyan understood what she needed to do throughout the appointment. Viyan interacted with the hospital staff with such dignity, despite feeling nervous about the MRI. The results of the scan will be discussed with her medical team. 

ECG over 24 hours

Posted on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 20:21 by Johanna Ebert

Early in the morning Viyan, her mother and I went to the hospital. There Viyan got an ECG device which she has to wear for the next 24 hours. The doctor needs this to see how her heart works and what her problem could be. 

It was quite nice to spent the time with these two lovely people.

Arrival, First Assessment and a Big Birthday!

Posted on Thu, 04/26/2018 - 23:48 by Johanna Ebert

We have the huge privilege of getting to know Viyan, a very beautiful girl during her stay in Israel. She has had already a surgery in India when she was 12 years old. They closed an ASD and repaired the tricuspid valve. Unfortunately she now has arrhythmia again and her doctor in Kurdistan sent her to us.

Straight after we picked her up from the airport, we brought her to the hospital for her first assessments. We knew that this was goinggg to be a very long and exhausting day, but she needed this assessment before she turned 18 - tomorrow! So we are glad that the hospital gave us this appointment. And both Viyan and her mum were very strong and patient during an echo, ECG and some other examinations. Afterward, they were able to find rest in our apartment in Jaffa.

One day later we celebrated her 18th birthday together. With good music, a tasty cake, nice decorations and a good community, it was a very special day and I’m sure she will never forget it. Now we hope the doctors can find out what treatment can help her.