Wahaj 's Heart Surgery


Wahaj Sets Out His Terms

Posted on Mon, 08/30/2010 - 01:00 by Donna_West

After a playful hour or more and a blue sucker, Wahaj was invited into the echo room. For a moment it seemed hard to realize he was just a three-year-old little boy at the mercy of all the grownups around him. He laid on the echo table and seemed to be negotiating his own terms of release with the doctor, with no need for anyone to ask questions for him (click the play arrow below to have a listen).

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Wahaj and his mother have been such a constant joy while they have been here but soon, possibly next week, after one more echo it will be time for them to return to the rest of their family. Please pray for continued improvement for Wahaj's heart. We ask the Father if there be any additional healing needing to be completed, Lord please just let it completed by YOUR hand and stripes. Wahaj is surely one His treasures. Please continue to pray they will come to know it.

Wahaj Tells Hospital Staff He is Leaving

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Counting down the days til his return to his baba, Wahaj informed the hospital staff that he had only one echo and a little blood to give. Then he was going home to Iraq. Well Wahaj will get his wish, just not as soon as he expected.

Wahaj had blood drawn and they found that his levels were within normal ranges and checked this requirement off on the long list of important details of his return to Iraq.

Wahaj was a little nervous when he found out that they would remove the last of his stitches from his chest today. He was distracted by Dr. Abraham's wonderful personality of play with the kids to get them to relax. Wahaj quickly noticed that his stitch was gone, and said with excitement in his voice, "Halas," "finished!"

Part of every child's recovery has been the encouragement from other peers and families living in the house at Shevet Achim. Today was a type of family reunion at the hospital as we met with other families at the hospital.

Wahaj is so encouraged by his peers and the laughter and good fun is a genuine source of healing on his road to recovery as well as the other children who benefit from his fun loving nature. This was encouraging of course to his mom as they waited for the results.

Wahaj was then taken in to complete his echo, and was found to have clear lungs
with no fluid. Doctors will now start to slowly wean him from his medications; they are pleased with Wahaj's incredible recovery and are taking all precautions to make sure that when he goes home he will have the best outlook possible for his health. Please pray that all will continue to progress towards total recovery for Wahaj.


Wahaj Comes Home to Jerusalem

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Wahaj was discharged from the hospital today! He had a clean follow-up echo and was released to come back to the Shevet Achim center in Jerusalem. Hopefully he will be going home to Iraq in the next 2-3 weeks.

Please pray that he would continue to recover well, and be able to return home when planned.

No Need for a Chest Tube

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Wahaj had his echo today which showed a decrease in fluid from yesterday. This means that he will no longer need to have the fluid drained with a chest tube, as the problem is being resolved pharmaceutically. Praise God that he will not have to have any procedures to remove the fluid!

The doctors speculate that Wahaj will be able to return to Iraq in three weeks. We are praying that this may indeed come to pass.

A Shocking Recovery

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Last night the doctors removed Wahajs chest tubes and today he was moved to a bed on the pediatric floor. His recovery has been incredibly speedy, and even the doctors have been shocked by the quick rate of healing. Praise God for this excellent report!

Please continue to pray for a complete healing, that he would have no complications, and that he and his mother would return home soon.


A Hospital Full of Rejoicing

Posted on Tue, 08/10/2010 - 07:53 by

Wahaj was indeed finally taken into surgery this morning; he is pictured here in the arms of the Shevet housemother Muna, who has been caring for him and his mother for the past five months, in the surgery prep area.

And the doctors report that Wahaj had a great surgery today! No complications, excellent liver function and a whole hospital full of rejoicing people. He is recovering tonight in the ICU (pictured below) on a mechanical ventilator, and getting blood transfusions to assist with low hemoglobin, but other than that Wahaj is doing very well. Praise God!

We have all been waiting so long for this surgery, and not only has it happened, but it has happened excellently. Praise God!


To Surgery in the Morning!

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Wahaj went in for another blood test today, and thanks be to God his enzymes are low enough to operate! Last week his ALT and AST levels were 152 and 87. Today, they were 40 and 68. You can see the drastic difference. Anyway, he will be having his long awaited surgery in the morning! He and his mother have been in Israel for five months waiting for these levels to go down, and now, praise God, he is finally being prepared for his surgery.

Please pray that nothing would hinder this operation, and that it would be used to reveal Gods love for this sweet little boy. Please pray for both him and his mother, that they would be comforted and encouraged as they prepare for the surgery tomorrow.

Enzymes Heading the Wrong Way

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Wahaj went in for another blood test today. Unfortunately, his enzyme levels have risen instead of declined. Last week his AST and ALT were 101 and 74; this week they were 152 and 87. This is of course saddening as he and his mother have been in Israel for over five months now waiting for these levels to go down; now they are rising again. Please pray that his mother would be comforted, as she is very upset over these results. Also please pray for favor for the next blood test on Monday.

Wahaj the Celebrity

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Today Wahaj went to Wolfson Hospital to have some blood work done. We were hoping that his liver enzymes would be back into the normal range; if they were within the accepted limits, Wahaj would most likely be admitted for surgery. Unfortunately, his enzymes were still elevated today. This is of course frustrating, as these results demand that we must wait even longer for his surgery. Please pray for Wahajs mother as she is especially impacted by the delay of the operation.

However, Wahaj was the center of attention today! An important Israeli official came to Wolfson Hospital this afternoon to be recognized for his support of Save A Childs Heart. Wahaj was one of the children who presented said official with a framed t-shirt decorated with the childrens handprints. With all the cameras and attention, Wahaj was a little celebrity.

So if you could continue to be in prayer for Wahajs liver enzymes; that they would fall to a normal range and that his surgery would be scheduled and performed soon. And dont forget to keep his mother in your prayers as well; waiting (especially waiting for such a big thing like cardiac surgery) is very difficult, and emotionally exhausting.