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Wahaj Arrives In Israel

Posted on Wed, 12/03/2008 - 00:00 by Donna_Petrel

After a grueling day of travel, Wahaj and Elaf and their mothers entered Israel this evening. We waited until about mid-morning to hear the good news that their visa process was completed at the embassy in Amman so they could indeed travel today. By the time the paperwork was done and the official visas were printed, it was late afternoon. Thankfully we got the call from Dirk that he had the visas in hand and they were leaving for the border at almost 4 pm. We were on our way too with Tarza, Lawk and Rezhin who were leaving Israel to go home after their successful surgeries. We hoped to coordinate the departure of three healthy patients with the arrival of the two very ill babies. This came about around 8 pm tonight.

From the border we made the nearly two-hour drive back to Jerusalem with two tired children and their even wearier mothers. Wahaj was contented to be held in his mother's lap with his bottle and quickly fell asleep as we rode. There was a happy reunion here for these two mothers with Havan's mother; they had all become friends in Amman at the echocardiogram screening last month.

Early in the morning we'll leave for the hospital for Wahaj's initial examination in preparation for his heart surgery. Please pray for this precious little one and his mother. We are so thankful that he could come this quickly after he turned so blue the day before he was scheduled to return home after the echocardiogram screening. At that time we called Dr. Tamir to see if we could add one more child to our group of urgent cases which he'd asked to wait in Amman and travel immediately. Because he was willing to say yes, Wahaj has the chance for the life-saving surgery he desperately needs in the coming days. Thanks be to God!