Yano's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Going Home with Joy

Posted on Mon, 07/31/2017 - 22:09 by Samara Noble

We said our goodbyes to Yano and her mother last night at the farewell party. Yano and her mother were all dressed up in their fancy dresses and Yano's mother radiated joy. She was so excited to go back home with her husband and family.

We ate food, sang worship songs to our wonderful Creator and the Marvelous Healer, and we gave them their parting gifts. After we ate dinner we opened up for a time to share things with the families, and they shared their gratitude with us.

When the party was over we sent them off to the airport, Kleenex in hand, and we said a prayer for them.

Final Echo!

Posted on Mon, 07/31/2017 - 05:25 by Taylor Green

Today Yano went to Sheba to have her final echocardiogram at Sheba today. Yano was dressed in the cutest white dress and all the hospital staff was saying how cute she looked. When Yano had her echo and only cried a little bit and stopped quickly when I played her a little song on my phone. The doctor reported that her heart looked really good. There is sign of a little regurgitation of blood so she will need frequent follow up in Kurdistan.

He gave her the official okay to go back to Kurdistan today. Praise the Lord! Please pray that the Lord will continue to protect her heart as she goes home. Yano’s mother was shouting for joy knowing that she would be reunited with her family again soon. 

Another Checkup

Posted on Wed, 07/19/2017 - 22:08 by Taylor Green

Yousif (pictured left) and Yano (right) have both been treated at Sheba Medical Center

Today Yano took a trip to Sheba hospital for another echo. Yano calmed down much faster today then times before. The doctor was able to perform such a quick echo! She really quiets down when we play the song “Jesus Loves Me” from YouTube. The doctor said Yano was stable but he would like to keep checking up on her to make sure there are no changes.

Yano had a little bit of redness in her eye so we tried to see her eye doctor today. We waited for a long time, but in the end, the doctor was not able to see her. She already has an appointment scheduled for next week so she will be able to get her eye checked out then. Her mother was very concerned for Yano to see the eye doctor but felt better knowing that she would be seen next week. Yano continues to make us smile with her little laugh and cute expressions. Last week the eye doctor could not get Yano to stay still enough to assess her the way she needed to. Be praying that Yano can be asleep during her next eye appointment so she does not have to go under anesthesia. 

A Very Long Day

Posted on Wed, 07/12/2017 - 23:13 by Taylor Green

Today Yano had a very long day at the hospital. There were many steps before we finally got to the doctor. When we finally got to her, Yano was very fussy and hated all the lights in her eyes and people poking at her. however, she was easily distracted when I played some songs on my phone for her. Because we could not get Yano to sleep, one of the procedures had to be delayed and she will unfortunately have to go under general anesthesia so the doctor can check her ocular pressure. Yano’s mother was so very patient throughout the day and never complained.

We then rushed up to the cardiac floor for Yano’s echo. The doctor said her heart was looking much better than last week. He said she will have one more echo next week and then she will be good to go home if everything looks good in her echo. Unfortunately, Yano’s eyes need a lot more attention and it seems like she will have several more eye appointments before she can go home. What seemed like Yano was “just” having a heart surgery, turned into two more operations on her eyes during her stay. The family is so strong to brave all these procedures on their sweet little baby. Yano sure has been such a joy to have at the house. We pray for wisdom for the doctors as they work on her eyes and navigate her treatment. Thank you for praying with us in their journey.

Finally Home

Posted on Thu, 07/06/2017 - 22:41 by Alexa Bigl

Yano has returned to the Shevet house! She is doing well and she and her mom are both in good spirits. They are happily chatting with all the other moms catching up on the last few days since Yano was admitted to the hospital. While today was not without challenges, I was very impressed with Yano's mom's calmness and patience. The day began with heading over to the opthamology department for an eye exam. There were many children already waiting but a clown and kind volunteer kept us entertained until it was Yano's turn. The doctor reported good results from the second surgery. However, congenital glaucoma is quite a tricky disease and there are no guarantees. Since the pressure is still quite high, especially in Yano's left eye, we certainly need to cover her in prayers of continued and complete healing. It's also not yet possible to tell how well the acuity of her vision will be as she grows, so it's another prayer point. 

After the opthamologist, we headed to the cardiologist for Yano's scheduled echo. The echo showed Yano's mitral valve still has moderate to severe regurgitation. There is also some minor issues with the pressure in her Glenn-shunt. Additionally, Yano has a very small amount of pericardial effusion; meaning there is some fluid around her heart. While there is cause for concern the doctors want to see how everything is looking in a week from now before considering new options for continued treatment. Overall, we remain cautiously optimistic. We hope and pray next week's echo shows the fluid reduced, the pressure better, and valve having less regurgitation. Please join us in calling upon the Heavenly Healer for these things. 
After her echo, we headed back up to the 5th floor with Yano to get her discharged. It seemed we would need to wait an hour or two for the doctors to finish their rounds and write up the discharge report. The time kept extending, but Yano's mom kept a smile on and also had some rest. We also had a period of great entertainment when a group of orthodox Jewish men came in with many musical instruments and serenaded us and our neighbor patient. It was a fun distraction that Yano enjoyed. 

It wasn't until 7:30 tonight they were finally ready for Yano to return home. After some mix-ups with the medications and going to the pharmacy, back to the ward for a new prescription and to the pharmacy again, we finally left the hospital and arrived back to the Shevet house. While both mom and daughter are tired, it is encouraging to see Yano a her mom joyful and positive as we wind down our day. 

Second Eye Done!

Posted on Wed, 07/05/2017 - 21:06 by Samara Noble

Around 8 this morning, Yano was taken in to get everything set up for the surgery on her left eye. Her mother seemed well but nervous. When everything was prepared, Yano's mother was able to go in with the nurses and doctors until Yano fell asleep from the anestesia. After she had fallen asleep, we were ushered out to wait.

While we waited, we went back to their room which ended up taking up the whole time because of complications (aka we were shuttled to the incorrect place and got lost). Yano's mother did not sleep the previous night so she was exhausted - I thought she might collapse at times. The surgery took between 1 to 2 hours, and there were no problems! Praise God! When we finally returned to the place Yano was, she was still under anestesia. The doctors did not want to move her until she woke up so we just sat and waited some more. After awhile she was awake and wanted Mama. Other than the bandage over her eye, you would not have been able to tell she had just had an operation; she was so calm and peaceful. Yano's mother was relieved to be reunited with her daughter once more and to have the surgery over with. Yano is now back in her room in the children's ward and will have an examination tomorrow to see how her eye is doing. When I told Yano's mother that we are praying that her and Yano will be able to return to Kurdistan within the next couple weeks she was overjoyed! When I left, Yano was sound asleep and mother was going to be able to sleep at long last as well.

Second Eye Surgery

Posted on Tue, 07/04/2017 - 23:37 by Taylor Green

Yano's second eye surgery is scheduled early tomorrow morning. Today we took her into the hospital to be admitted. Her mother seemed very happy to be going to the hospital and to be moving along with Yano's care. Yano was a very giggly baby the whole day. She has an echo scheduled for July 6th. If all looks well, hopefully she can go home shortly after this day. Be praying for a successful eye surgery for Yano and that she will have no other complications with her health. The family did not expect to have eye surgery on top of her heart surgery so I know they will be so grateful when this journey is over. Thank you for your prayers! 


Assessment Day

Posted on Tue, 06/27/2017 - 05:19 by Alexa Bigl

Yano and her mom headed to Sheba today for a follow-up eye exam and echocardiogram. We had hoped Yano would be admitted yesterday for her second eye surgery, but there was a change of plans. So, we just had checkups today. It took us a while to find the opthamology area, as Sheba Medical Center is massive, but we finally got there. After a short time of waiting where Yano happily sat with her mom, we got called in for her vision test. All went well and then it was time for her surgeon to look at her. The doctors were happy with Yano's healing progress. Hopefully next Monday will be her second surgery and they can measure the pressure in her right eye, the first one to receive surgery. This reading will be another important test to see how effective the surgery will be. Since Yano will need sedation for the pressure reading they will combine it while she is under anesthesia for the left eye surgery. 

We then headed for Yano's echo. While waiting for our turn Yano and I played toys and ate lunch. After an EKG and getting weighed we went into the echo room. While Yano cried some she did much better with the test than previously. The surgical repair and function of Yano's heart look good. Her valve that had issues before looks much better, but now there is some concern with another valve. Before surgery this valve was fine but it now has regurgitation with the blood flowing the wrong way across it at times. We adjusted her medications and hope this will help. The cardiologist was encouraging in letting us know it's a good sign the heart function remains very good despite the leaky valve. Please pray with us for healing of Yano's aortic valve. 
Yano and mom were both smiling and laughing throughout the day and we are so blessed to have them as part of our family. We may be getting ready to say goodbye in the near future though. The eye doctor said they will want to follow up a week after the second surgery and then Yano can return to Kurdistan! 

Out of the Hospital!

Posted on Wed, 06/21/2017 - 02:50 by Samara Noble

Yano is out of the hospital! The doctors say that they are very pleased with the way her heart is functioning! They checked Yano's eye as well, though her eye is red and bloodshot it appears to be healing well! Praise the Lord! Yano and her mom were released from the hospital today and the mother is very relieved. While they were wrapping things up I had the opportunity to entertain Yano who is such a sweet and precious child, I would make noises and move my lips in a certain way, she would watch intently and mimic my actions! It was so adorable! They will now join our house in Jaffa before returning back home. However, Yano will need to return at another date to have surgery on her second eye.

Yano's Eye Surgery

Posted on Mon, 06/19/2017 - 21:53 by Rebekah Yang

This morning Suhail, Stefi, and I brought newly arrived Ronia for her first assessment at Sheba hospital and also we planned to visit Yano before her eye surgery in order to support her mum.

However, on our way to the hospital when I called Yano's mum, she told me that they were already about to wheel Yano in for surgery. We were stuck in very heavy traffic and couldn't do anything to arrive sooner. Although I knew we can't make ourselves be there on time, still I tried to comfort Yano's mum over the phone saying that we were praying for both of them and will be there as soon as possible. 
When we arrived, I first went to the children's ward to find out where Yano's mum was at currently. Suhail came in and talked to the doctor and was directed to the operation theater to support Yano's mum.
Around 11:15am, Suhail told me that her eye surgery was finished and she was on her way back to the ward. So I took few minutes and rushed to the ward to check how she was doing. Yano's mum told me that the doctor only did her right eye first and will need a day or two to see how she's recovering. Then after that they will plan for her left eye.
Thanks to Yeshua for protection and that everything has seemed to go well so far. Please continue to pray for her left eye surgery which is still to come.