Yihya's Heart Surgery


Lifesaving Formula for Yihya

Posted on Thu, 06/30/2011 - 00:00 by Natalie Wisely
Earlier this week, I also met little Yahya (this name in English translates to John). This little boy is unlike the rest of our patients because he is not at the hospital for heart surgery. He is actually lacking an important enzyme that helps with digestion. As a result he is not able to eat without having life-threatening diarrhea.  Shevet Achim is partnering with Save a Child's Heart for the past year to bring in donations of special formula for this boy. We are happy to report that this was a success and he is doing much better. His most recent visit to the hospital this past Tuesday was scheduled so that doctors could chart out a very specific diet for him, one that he will follow for the rest of his life. But this young boy's troubles have in no way crushed his spirit. He is by far one of the sweetest, gentlest, happiest children I have ever met. I am just happy we could help improve his quality of life so he can continue to spread the joy that is in his heart.