Yousif's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Yousif's Busy Day

Posted on Sun, 07/26/2015 - 14:01 by Rebekah Yang

Yousif and his mother (along with two other children, Ahmed and Baran) arrived in Israel on Wednesday night.

Thursday morning when I went inside of the mothers’ room, I saw a tiny sweet boy sleeping inside his mum’s arms. It was my first glance of our new baby, Yousif. After I met them, all of the Shevet volunteers got together to pray for the three newly-arrived baby-boys.

Yousif began his busy day at Wolfson in Tel-Aviv.

At the hospital, we first saw a large group of intern doctors circling together around Yousif. They were lead by one of the cardiology doctors. After a while, we entered the nursing station for all of the necessary examinations.

Yousif was so brave at beginning, but when the nurse started to put the IV into his vein for blood testing and treatment, he cried very hard and became a blue-baby just within a few seconds.

Right after Dr. Alona finished Yousif’s first echo, she immediately sent us back to admissions at the Children’s Ward for further checkup. She decided to keep Yousif at the hospital due to the result of the blood test. The results show that he has thick blood and needs to be treated before she can plan for the next step of Yousif’s heart surgery.

Please pray for our sweet Yousif and his mum to have peace, understanding, and the ability to adjust during their stay in the hospital.