Zina's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Lifting Up Zina In Prayer

Posted on Thu, 04/07/2016 - 19:32 by Miriam Svensson

Early this morning we packed the van full with people and set off to the hospital. For both Zina and Ahmed it would be a long day with many different assesments and examinations. 

Luckily, there was an empty room in the children's ward where we could spend some time in between. Our visiting German friends, Judith and Mattias, entertained the children with soap bubbles, which brought bright smiles to their faces.

The nurse came in to check blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature. Zina told us by loud crying that she did not appreciate this. When she was crying her skin turned even more blue due to lack of oxygen, so it was a relief when the tests were done and she calmed down.

After this I followed Zina and her mother to the echo departement. To make it easier for both her and the doctor, Zina was given some sedating medicine, and she soon fell asleep. 

Dr Hanita made a very thorough examination and then called in Dr Alona to look at the pictures and discuss what they could see. We were told afterwards that there might be a problem, as they could only see one pulmonary artery.

The doctors also looked at the pictures from a heart catheterization done in Kurdistan. It was hard to see if the second artery is missing or just not visible. Because of this, they want to do a third examination, a CT scan, at the beginning of next week. If she does have only one pulmonary artery it's unlikely that heart surgery can be done.

While Zina was still sleeping we went to have PPD-tests done on both her and her mother. This is part of the routin before heart surgery and is done to see if they have been vaccinated or exposed to Tuberculosis. Then we went back to the ward to have blood tests taken. Unfortunately, Zina had then woken up again and protested loudly. Some chocolate helped her dry her tears before we had to go to have a chest x-ray taken. 

After all this we were all very hungry, but the cafeteria was already closed. We were happy when Ruth brought us falafels that we could enjoy together. Adil's father also gave us some candy. Then it was only a urine simple left, and when we succsessfully got that we were ready to go home. Both Zina and her mother slept on the way back, tired after a long day. 

Please help us lift up sweet little Zina in prayer to the Almighty One! May He who know every detail of her life and may He show the doctors how to best help her. Nothing is impossible for Him!

Safely Arrived

Posted on Wed, 04/06/2016 - 21:32 by Ruth Zellweger

Our Shevet community is enriched by new families.

Zina and her mother are one of them, a lovely mother-daughter duo.

They come from a city in Northern Kurdistan which has many refugees from the Islamic State. Zina's father owns a barbershop. Her older sister suffers from thalassemia, a blood disorder. Yesterday morning, both Zina and her mother entered the plane in Kurdistan and came to Israel for life-saving heart surgery. 

It is obvious Zina is in need of help, as she is quite blue from lack of oxygen. Together with our international director, Jonathan, and Ahmed and his mother, they arrived late in the evening yesterday at Ben Gurion airport, after a long day of travel.

They had today to rest and get to know their new surroundings and our community. And in the afternoon they went on a park outing with our other families currently in Jerusalem. We are thankful to have them with us and are looking forward to getting to know them better. 

Tomorrow will be a big day as Zina will have her first assessments at Wolfson hospital. Thank you for praying with us for Zina and her mother.


Turning Two and Coming to Israel

Posted on Fri, 03/11/2016 - 21:38 by jonathan

Zina has just turned two years old, and just received word that her visa to Israel for life-saving heart surgery has been approved. We hope to see her and her mother with us in Jerusalem in April.