Ziyad's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

The Big Day

Posted on Thu, 09/29/2016 - 00:03 by Sophie

Today was the big day for Ziyad! Early in the morning, Ruth and I went to the hospital to support Ziyad's mother, and to spend time with Ziyad before the surgery starts.  

When it was time for Ziyad's surgery, and for mother and son to say goodbye, both of them were crying! But we know this is part of the process; after they suffer the pain, then they will rejoice! 
After Ziyad went to the OR, his mother could not stop crying. She was in great sorrow. But Hawnaz's father and Hani's grandmother showed up and supported her. What a beautiful thing it is for these families to help each other, knowing exactly what the others are going through. 
After a long time of waiting,  we saw the doctors were pushing Ziyad by us to  the ICU. At just the right moment, the mother (who was in a video call with her husband) turned her camera to Ziyad to show her husband. At the same time, they received the good news: he is very good! 
Suddenly all the worry and fear disappeared from the mother's face and heart - she was crying with joy. 
One more hour of waiting, and then we went inside the ICU to see Ziyad who was peacefully in a deep sleep. Thank God for the good work he has done in this precious life. 
Let's give praise to Him: 
You're a Good, Good Father
It's who you are, it's who you are, it's who you are
And I'm loved by you
It's who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am

Trusting in His Timing

Posted on Tue, 09/27/2016 - 22:08 by Lindsay Martin

In the last week, Ziyad had been on the schedule for surgery twice, but both times it was cancelled at the last second. But today was a different day.

As we gathered together to pray for Ziyad and his mother, I could see that she was trying not to get her hopes up for today. But we trust in God's perfect timing. He knows what is the best time for Ziyad's surgery, and it seems tomorrow will be the day. We took mother and son to the hospital today, finding we had to constantly entertain him on the way because he is not a fan of being constrained in the car seat. But, by God's grace, we made it with good time and the nurses were ready for him when we got there.

Like many children, he did not enjoy the pricking and poking of the nurses, constantly asking for his mom to make them stop. And she was his strong support, saying "Mama's here" and stroking his head in comfort.

After all the testing was done, Ziyad took a short nap and then they explored the children's ward for a bit.

I can see that Ziyad's mom is very anxious for the surgery, wanting to confirm that it will be tomorrow and asking what time. Please pray with us that God will lead the way for his surgery. That it will be in His timing and by His grace. And pray that his mother would find peace and comfort in knowing that God is with them.

Everyone Needs God's Grace

Posted on Tue, 09/20/2016 - 22:31 by Sophie

Ziyad is an adorable boy - he always smiles and his facial expressions engage so many hearts. I am the one of them. Today it was such a pleasure to be with him! When we got to the hospital, it didn't take long and he was settled in with hospital clothes! The plan was to admit him for surgery tomorrow. 

The one hard part was when they tried to insert the IV-cannula for him. They tried four time but still it wasn't working. Ziyad's cries broke so many hearts, so they stopped and decided to give Ziyad a break.  He was suffering so much pain, and nothing could stop his crying.

After that we went to the echo room, and this was the other difficult part. The doctor tried to give Ziyad some sedation, but by the the time it was his turn, he was already waking up.  So during his cries the doctor had to finish his echo! This is not easy for the mother to watch her beloved one crying! How much our Heavenly Father loves us; when we cry he answers! 

Then we got the news that he was going back to Jerusalem and God willing coming back for surgery next week! Please keep praying for them. May God bless them and give them peace, so they will rest in Him during the time of waiting! 

Just Arrived and First Day at the Hospital

Posted on Wed, 09/14/2016 - 21:41 by Lorena Garzon
Thank God, baby Ziyad and his mother arrived in Israel last night! This morning we took them to Wolfson hospital for their initial assessments. 
It was an interesting morning trying to get everything ready to leave. Ziyad and his mother had just woken up so we had to hurry them. We finally left but Ziyad didn't seemed very happy in the carseat. He cried but at the end we found a way to make him calm again.

We got to the hospital and met the two other newly arrived families there. Even though Ziyad's mother couldn't understand everything said, we helped her feel comfortable and stay calm. We waited until the other two kids were finished with their exams, then it was Ziyad's turn. He cried for a long time but we made him laugh and smile with some bubbles and music. Then it was time for an x-Ray and an echo. This time he had to sleep so it would be easy to watch his heart. The doctor said he has a big hole in his heart, (VSD) but it seemed the surgery wasn't going to be difficult.

Ziyad is a very active and intelligent boy even at a young age. He knew when his dipper needed to be changed, not even his mother had to tell him! At lunch time he loved taking the spoon and some food and giving it to his mother as if his job was to feed her. It was really funny and cute. We could see God's happiness and joy through this little child. After lunch we had the opportunity to play in the park and spend time outside in the fresh air along with the other volunteers.

We would like you to pray for this new kid and his mother. Thank God he was able to come, and we hope that in God's perfect timing Ziyad can be scheduled for his surgery.