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A Life Honoring to God  Our Shevet community has show great faith throughout the years of coping with the death of some of our heart patient children. Now we turn to our Heavenly Father once again, as we remember the God-honoring life of Brenda Hofer. 

A Change of Pace with Operation Mobilization Today was a special day at Shevet Achim! We had 10 visitors from Operation Mobilization come hang out with us for the day.

A Great Privilege  For the past ten days I have had the great privilege to spend time in Kurdistan, visiting with some of the many dear friends that our Shevet community has there. 

The Heart of the Family Home The inagural Jaffa community blog. A more intimate setting of life together with the families from Iraq and volunteers from around the world. 

Creating Memories Today was a gift from God. A chance to create memories. And that's what we did.

Brothers Together in Kurdistan Being part of the beginning of the Shevet community in Kurdistan has been heart-warming and heart-stopping.

Tisha B'Av Ask anyone here at Shevet Achim what our mission statement is, and you will find different variations of the same answer...

Jerusalem Charity Walk This past Friday, a few of our community members participated in a charity walk that was a part of the Jerusalem Marathon. 

20 Years of Trusting in Him This December marks the 20th anniversary of Shevet Achim. We thank the Lord for 20 wonderful years and look towards what he has next. 

Experiencing God's Vastness in the Desert A photo essay which follows the Shevet community as they rough it in the Negev desert.

By Our Love The Shevet community seeks to grow closer to one another during a staff retreat to the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

Love Bears All Things In seeing the response of the global community of Christ to the death of one of our sweet friends, we came to know Christ's love more fully.

The Grand Race Members of the Shevet team tackle the International Jerusalem Marathon in a fundraising campaign.

Let Us Run With Endurance Shevet prepares for the International Jerusalem Marathon.

Treasures in Earthen Vessels Little Yousif from northern Iraq impacts our community with love and life.

Christmas Greetings Merry Christmas from the Shevet community!

The King's City in White Shevet in the midst of Jerusalem's record-breaking snowfall.

More Than We Ask or Imagine Hosting Giovanni from Italy.

Love Which Flows From Truth An outward demonstration of love could not be sustained over time unless there was a greater work taking place within...

Tel Aviv Night Run Three Shevet community members set out from Jerusalem to run in the Tel Aviv Night Run.

Visit to the Jerusalem Zoo Last Thursday we saw all types of God's creatures in Jerusalem's Zoo: big and small, colorful and dangerous.

En Gedi Adventure On Friday, the sixteenth of August, thirteen members of our Shevet community set out to traverse the desert oasis of En Gedi.

A House of Grace The men of Shevet Achim poured their sweat and blood into this project, transforming the women’s dorm into a beautiful sanctuary.

An Evening to Remember Our medical partners at Wolfson Hospital joined us in Jerusalem for an evening of friendship and appreciation. 

Striking the Balance in Kurdistan A week in Kurdistan screening heart patients was invested in medicine and relationships.

Race 4 a New Van Meet the Shevet runners, and let's work together in the race for a new van to transport heart patients!

Snow Day in Jerusalem The scene was magnificent: four or five inches of puffy, pristine powder carpeting Prophets Street, with more coming down every minute...

Arms of Love I met Donna Petrel ten years ago while on a trip to the US to speak about helping Gaza children... 

A Gift for All Mankind The Christmas story was dramatized by Shevet volunteers for our Kurdish heart patients. 

We Wish you a Merry Christmas! A Christmas party kindles the holiday mood at Shevet Achim.

Came, Saw, Conquered Our building, 29 Prophets Street, was host to hundreds of guests and a Muslim feast on the same day.

Through the Waters of Jordan Our community celebrated the baptism of Hannes at the Jordan River.

Birthday Beach Surprise We hijacked Kristina's car with balloons, and celebrated her thirtieth birthday at the beach.

Week in Review A first visit to Kurdistan left Ryan struggling for words. 

Seeing Parwa in Kurdistan Two years after her heart treatment in Israel, Shevet volunteers visited Parwa at her home in northern Iraq.

A Gift from God The month of June brought with it warm summer days, and a special addition to our community from the shores of Stolkholm, Sweden.

The 5th of July Celebrating one day late America's Independence while in Israel.

A Few Thoughts on Unity Why, I wonder, is unity so potent? Maybe part of the answer is here...

A God Who Loves Life A visit with Iraqi heart patients to the Jerusalem Zoo reminds us that, from Noah's day until today, God has been about saving lives.

Samaritan Passover: Encountering Sacrifice Pictures, impressions, and thoughts from the 2012 Samaritan Passover on Mount Gerizim.

Celebrating 64 Years of Compassion Our community went to the beach in Tel Aviv to celebrate Israel's 64th birthday.

Only the Beginning We recently celebrated with joy and tears the service of our beloved sister and coworker...

In Kurdistan: How Beautiful on the Mountains  Stephanie and Kristina write from Kurdistan, where they are helping with heart screenings, and spending time with Shevet patients past and future.

Wandering (Voluntarily) in the Wilderness Photo essay of a weekend that five Shevet volunteers spent together in the Negev Desert.

Finishing the Race Running in the footsteps of Paul in Caesarea.

Seeing "Shevet Achim"  UK friends encounter the spirit of Shevet Achim in hospital hallways. 

Love Rather Than Stereotypes From hate and stereotype to seeing the true person in each other.

A Tribute to the God of Wilderness Celebrating Sukkot with a Rabbi in Jerusalem.

A Tired Love A challenge to love in the face of hatred.

You Bring Restoration The Prophets Street community found restoration for their own hearts in the Galilee.

Kids Pulling for Kids It’s not just adults pulling for the kids at Shevet Achim to make it through open heart surgery – other kids are pulling too...

A Tour Through Noah's Ark Lions, tigers, and bears joined the families for a morning adventure at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Mohammad, Payman, and Joman enjoyed exploring different exhibits and seeing animals from all over the world...

Seeing the World in our Courtyard The ancient prophets foresaw that one day all nations would stream to Zion. Already in the time of the New Testament, this had come true...

Team Outing to Bethlehem There is a small town called Bethlehem folded in the hills of the Holy Land which is “by no means least among the rulers of Judah...

A Visit with the Howanstines So much of what we do at here Shevet Achim could not be done without the support of our amazing brothers and sisters around the world...

An Outing to the Garden Tomb Today the families journeyed down the road to visit the Garden Tomb. For some families it was a new experience, while for others it was the second time they went to the beautiful garden...

Latrun Community Visits Shevet Achim Shevet Achim was delighted to host a visit from the Latrun Community of Christian brothers on June 9th. Their fellowship is comprised of Germans and Israelis, and their center is located in the foothills west of Jerusalem...

Dolls for Kids The effort to save the lives of children through Shevet Achim is truly international. It begins with an Arab partner physician in either Gaza Strip or Iraq, who gives a diagnosis of the child’s heart defect...