Caring for Ahmed's Wound

For the past three days Ahmed has been on a "weekend pass" from the hospital. Maria and Christina (nurses from America) came to the Shevet house yesterday to offer moral support while I cared for Ahmed's wound. They were impressed by the cooperative and trusting way Ahmed allowed me to clean his open wound. (He actually had more confidence in me than I had in myself.)

So today when we returned to Sheba, it was an excellent opportunity for them to accompany us and see another one of Israel's outstanding medical facilities.
However, when we arrived back at the hospital, Ahmed became nervous and started to cry. It seemed he was concerned he was going to be reconnected to the vacuum pump (which would also mean he would have to stay). When I understood why he was upset I explained (with a thumbs up and the word for "good" in Kurdish and a thumbs down, a frown, and the Kurdish words for "no good") that the doctor had to look to see if I was good or not good at cleaning his wound. After a consultation with the surgeon (and several other medical professionals who were familiar with Ahmed's case) we were all pleased to see the thumbs up gesture.

Praise God, the healing continues! And thankfully, Ahmed and his mother get three more days at the Shevet house and then we will check in again.

A note from the writer: This is 100% different from what I thought I would be doing when I came to volunteer here. This is a good example of "love casting out fear." I was afraid to be responsible for the care of this wound, but my compassion for this family made me reevaluate my request for God to "send me" where there was a need. And another aspect of love has caused Ahmed to put aside his own fears and trust me to do something I didn't trust myself to do. Thank you, Lord, that perfect love is found in you and it is more powerful than fear! Please pray that love and trust will spread throughout the Shevet household to all the mothers and children here.

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