Ahmed In Pain, Returns to Hospital

Wednesday morning's news flash was that smiling lively Ahmed was fevered, couldn't eat, and sick in bed. This is a situation that warrants concern in a child with recent heart surgery, as problems can develop suddenly and prove to be severe. As we were on our way to Sheba Medical Center with Ahmed, he got sick in the van. After a quick pull over along the side of the road, we continued on our journey to the hospital. By the time we arrived and got checked in, Ahmed's fever had returned to normal and he was hungry. D. Katz checked his heart with and echo and ECG and Ahmed seemed playful and as though the problem had passed. While waiting to determine whether or not Lawand would stay another night in the hospital or return to Jerusalem, Ahmed became sick again. As his pain level increased, we asked for him to be seen in the ER. Many tests were performed and it was decided he should also be admitted.

This morning when I found Ahmed on the second floor, I was surprised to see him in isolation with an IV in his arm and still in a lot of pain. The doctor said the lymph nodes around his stomach are inflamed but they don't know the cause of the inflammation. X-rays have been done to determine if there is a problem with Ahmed's bones. We will meet again in the morning.

Please pray for this little one, that the problem will be revealed and the best way to treat it will be found.

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