Ahmed Released to Go Home

It's been almost a month since Ahmed's surgery, and today we took him in for his final echo. It was a bit of a wait before the doctor could see him, but though he and his mother at first became tired of waiting, it was beautiful how God blessed them with his peace today. Ahmed had fun meeting the other little children in the waiting room, and also as you can see enjoyed a book with our good friend and Kurdish translator, Ilan, who is always a great help at the hospital when communication is a difficulty.
While Ahmed was having a calm and cheerful time, I noticed his mom sitting on her own looking rather weary. I had just added a favorite Kurdish worship song to my Ipod, and remembering it I pulled it out for her to listen while she waited. As she did, she closed her eyes and sang softly along throughout the whole song, a song to Jesus- about how he knows our lives, how he is our salvation, and how we are waiting for him because only he can give us life. And it's a song about our love for him. How beautiful it was to hear her sing those words to herself, and to know those words were in her mind as she brought Ahmed in for his final echo. Pray that God will continue to comfort her heart with his presence these next few days, and that she would truly know the love that He has to give.
Once they were in the echo room Ahmed began to get a bit anxious, but with the help of his mother (who sat, so full of peace, beside him) and the cookie she gave him, he was soon quite content and even fell asleep during his echo.
After confirming that his heart looked healthy and everything was fine, the doctor gave the happy news that Ahmed is now released to go home to Iraq! What a wonderful work God has done in this little boy's heart. Let's pray that he will continue to bless this precious family as they prepare to return home within the next few days.
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