One Week To Go

Ahmed, who was once one of the bluest little boys I have seen, is a joyful, outgoing and sometimes even mischievous little ball of energy. As we prepared to leave for Wolfson Medical Center today for another round of echos for five of the children, I was surprised to see Ahmed's mother bring a stroller along. The little boy never slows down! Soon I realized the stroller was no longer needed because he couldn't keep up with the others, this time it was needed to help us keep up with HIM!

We are very thankful for all the wonderful changes we have seen in Ahmed. As his heart has been healing, he no longer displays a "just leave me alone" attitude. In fact, he seems to pop in and out of the office and kitchen many times throughout the day and evening just to smile and wave and say "Hello." I saw that same big smile on his mother today when Dr. Alona (above left) told her "Very Good! One more echo next week then back to Iraq!" Please pray Ahmed's healing process continues and this change of heart will follow him wherever life takes him.

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