Thanking God After a Good Surgery

When I arrived at Wolfson at 7:45 a.m. this morning, they had not come to take Ahmed down for surgery yet. On my way I had prayed that I would get there before they came to take him down. It was around 8:15 when they came to get him (pictured above). He seemed fine while we were going down, but when they went to take him into the the operating room he wouldn't let anyone touch him, so they had his mother put on scrubs and carry him in.

When she came out she was crying and we went up to visit a couple of other mothers. They brought coffee and breakfast in the room and we ate, but Ahmed's mother could not eat and was crying and praying. We had a longer waiting time then we had with Lano earlier this week. After lunch we went to see if they had brought Ahmed to the I.C.U. yet but they hadn't. We went over to see the Gaza children in the next building, and when we got back they had brought Ahmed back from surgery, and told us that his mother would have to wait to see him while they stabilized him.

When we finally went in together Ahmed's mother checked him and was looking up with raised hands praying. I believe she was thanking God. We stayed for a short while. Before I left I asked them how everything was and Dr. Houri said "everything was good." Thank you all for praying; our God is an awesome God.

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