Aram Released to Return Home

Today, we went in to get an echo for Aram, hopeful that it would be his final one. His mother was really excited as we were sent up to the exam room, and then we waited for a while. Child after child at echo today were told that they were going to get to go home, and we were all hoping that Aram would be added to that string. It was finally time for Aram to go in for his echo. He was the last child to be seen today. And while he has become a much more cheerful child since surgery, he cried and wrenched back and forth as the doctor explored his heart on the echo machine.

But it all turned out to be worth it. The doctor told us that Aram is done here in Israel and can return to Iraq! He does not even have any more medication to take.

We then went to have his stitches removed and left the hospital with a communal, "Halas Moostachefa!" (which means "Bye Bye Hospital" in Arabic).

We stopped by McDonald's and we all got ice cream to celebrate. The change in Aram from a very easily disturbed baby into a much friendlier child that actually smiles has been wonderful to watch. Praise the Lord for a successful surgery. So long Aram!

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