Motherly Face Full of Joy and Pride

As we entered the hospital this morning, I was shocked by the sheer joy on the face of Aram's mother as she stood in the hall to welcome us. Her motherly face was so full of pride as she held her boy in her arms, the little boy she had thought was beyond even hoping for; now looking so much better. He was rather irritable and tired most of the day (understandably), but all signs of infection were gone, and every now and then he would let a smile shine through those beautifiul brown eyes. Thank you for all your continued prayers for this precious boy and his mom this past week.

Aram has his final echo on Monday, and if everything is well he will soon be heading home, God willing! Please pray that God would continue to bless this family with peace and hope as they wait, and that as little Aram grows stronger and stronger he would know that there is a God who loves him beyond anything his heart could imagine.

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