Aram's Mother Concerned

Aram is still in the hospital. As mentioned in a previous blog, he has an upper respiratory infection that is causing a fever and congestion. He is getting a regular regiment of ventilation and suction, and will begin his antibiotics today. Although his condition is not serious, Shownim, his mother is quite concerned. Today, she was crying because she thought Arams illness was due to a malfunction in his cardiac surgery. Obviously, this is not the case at all. We got a translator to explain that Arams cardiac surgery was excellent, and his
respiratory condition is something completely different. Despite the efforts of the translator, Shownim was still upset over Arams illness. Please pray for Arams mother, that she would have peace in this situation, and that she would understand her sons illness, and not be overly concerned. Also pray for Aram himself that he would be healed of this infection. Aram has an echo on Monday, and if the echo and the status if the infection are satisfactory, then he will most likely be sent home.

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