Arya Undergoes First Tests

Arya has such a happy disposition that he is not easily upset. But needles and machines change all that! He enjoyed all of the people, places and attention today, and only cried at the times he was very scared by the machines, or in pain from the necessary blood test or shot. He is well-behaved even when his mother is not nearby, and everyone is captured by his friendly laughter. All of his testing was completed today except for his echocardiogram. We will go back to the hospital for that tomorrow, and see if there is any indication when his surgery might be.

Tonight when we returned to our house in Jerusalem, several of the mothers cooked for all the rest of us, and I spent some time visiting and sharing toys which have been donated to us for the children. Arya fell in love with a toy which plays a lullaby and leaned his head against it for a long time. After eating a good dinner, he was ready for bed so he can be back to the hospital tomorrow morning.

Please pray for Arya and his mom in the coming weeks. I am thankful that this precious boy and his mother are here to receive the new heart he needs.

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