Off To Begin His New Life

I took Baveel and his mother to the airport today. I met them at the bus station last night and I was so glad to see Baveel RUNNING and playing. What a change from the way he tired quickly before his surgery. I went to get my car to bring it to the taxi and Baveel ran up behind me and grabbed my hand. He was even helping with the suitcases. At the airport his mother was thanking us and thanking God and said "wa ktiir ktiir shukran" (many, many thanks) to everyone in Israel.
Jean Calvani hosted Baveel and Mom last night and adds her report:

At around 10:30pm on Tuesday, Baveel and his mother finally reached Amman after the long drive from the border. They were so grateful to be welcomed into the warm flat where they spent the night before flying home. Even though it was already late, Baveel was still full of energy. I could see the excitement on his face as we discussed the travel plans for the next morning. As we sat on the couch chatting, his mother explained how he really missed his father. They also shared with me some of the Hebrew they picked up while in Israel! After eating a shwarma, Baveel changed into some cozy pajamas and headed straight for bed. Jody was coming at 9 the next morning to drive him and his mother to the airport. After being in Israel for a little over a month, they're finally on their way home!

So concludes the story of Baveel's journey to Israel for a new heart;
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