Sporting a New Hairdo... and a Scar 

Baveel has received the green light to head back home to Iraq. Not only does he sport a new hair style, but also an eight-inch scar on his chest, which he is proud to share with anyone who is willing to take a good look. With bags packed and goodbyes in order, many of the other mothers and children at the Save A Child's Heart house tagged along to load up the van. Some of the other children got into the van and cried when they realized Baveel would make this trip alone.

The attachment with the moms and children one to another is community at its best; each senses the joy and loss when a mother and child leaves for the last time.

Baveel was anxious to get back to the Shevet house in Jerusalem; that is, until he asked the question and learned that Hardi and Aras were no longer at the house but had already made the journey for home. He became very quiet and went to sleep for the remainder of the trip.

I believe with all my heart that God is doing a supernatural work mending hearts and lives together for a kingdom work yet to be revealed. Can Kurdistan ever be the same with so much of God's handiwork?

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