Lightning Recovery

Baveel is a laid-back young man who was always comfortable coming up to me and speaking a paragraph or two of Kurdish (of which I did not understand one word). Typically I responded with a paragraph or two of my own in English, which meant nothing to him. Both of us would shrug our shoulders, laugh, and be on our way.

I went looking for him today in the ICU only to discover that he had already been transferred to the ward. That's just two days after surgery! His mother explained that there was not room in the intermediate ICU so they saw fit to move him to the regular ward. The young man I encountered has not eaten anything but soup and was experiencing some pain in his chest. The old antics of speaking to each other at length in indiscernible languages were gone.

The newest patient, Rebar, even tried to offer him kids' favorite salty snack, potato chips. He shrugged them off.

Though Baveel is obviously having difficulty recovering, his progress is still one of the most rapid I have encountered. Friends, please pray that Baveel would start eating soon, the pain in his chest would subside, and that we would once again enjoy our long conversations about nothing.


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