Cath Shows Baveel is Operable

Baveel's catheterization yesterday revealed the wonderful news that he is operable - thank God!! Both Baveel and Dr. Tamir talked about being thankful for this, and Baveel is "excited" about his surgery. His mother is grateful and looking forward to this life-saving, life-changing opportunity for her son. His surgery is scheduled for Sunday around mid-day, Dr. Tamir said. Baveel will remain hospitalized until then.

When we arrived at the hospital today, he was standing with Dr. Tamir in the hall as the doctor spoke with several others, and Baveel seems to have a real affection for this special doctor. Later l found Baveel walking around the ward visiting Hardi, Juliana, and Mustafa, as well as Diyar and Hussein who had come for another echo. He was smiling and telling everyone about how many needles he had in his arms, etc. as if it was rather awe-inspiring.

Please pray for Baveel and his mother as the date and time approach. He is a sweet boy who makes friends easily and cares about others. We look forward to seeing him healed to grow into the man God created him to be.

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