Catheterization Tomorrow

When the Wolfson Medical Centre called this morning, it was good news for Baveel and Juliana. It was now their to go for their catheterizations in the morning. Baveel was very excited. Suddenly the mothers were in a frenzy of packing and cooking, as they wanted to take food for the other mothers at the hospital.

Baveel chatted happily all the way to Tel Aviv, trying to teach me Kurdish and showing me how his watch worked.

On arrival, the children's ward was a flurry of activity as two children, Aras and Dilshad were being discharged to the Save a Child's Heart house, and the new children were arriving, and other Iraqi mothers joined in for news of each other's children. Baveel had his bed allocated whilst he and Juliana were undergoing the first few medical procedures which involved sticky cream on the hands. Neither of them were very impressed by this. But Baveel was happy to see his friends Dilshad and Aras dressed and ready to leave the hospital. He also told the hospital clowns that he was from Kurdistan. They seemed suitably impressed.

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