Bilal Admitted for Surgery

We received a call from the hospital yesterday informing us that Mohammed and Bilal would be admitted today for surgery tomorrow. Mohammed's Mother has been very anxious about when he would have his turn, and when I told her she was filled with relief. Yet for the next several hours she asked me numerous times if I was sure it was her son going in, and not the older Mohammed who is also waiting his turn for surgery in the house with us. Once convinced, she was thankfully it was their turn to go, and she began planning for the day by cooking something special to take with them. We prayed for them before leaving the house this morning and then were on our way.
Even though he is only three years old, "Little Mohammed" as we call him, believes he can do anything the bigger boys can do, and that he's in charge all the time. He weathered the IV placement okay because he knew he could go to the playroom afterwards, and that is where he wanted to stay! The only way we were able to get him out of there was the fact that the playroom closes when lunch begins, and since he was hungry, it worked out smoothly. Throughout the afternoon his mother had to keep him occupied in the hospital bed in order to keep him from wandering up and down the halls. Even when Bilal and his mother took a nap in the next bed, Little Mohammed kept right on playing. Maybe this will help him sleep tonight since he will not be able to eat or drink after midnight.

We do not know yet whether Little Mohammed's surgery will be the first or second one of the day, but we know he and his mother will need prayers throughout the whole day no matter what time he's in the operating room. Thank you for praying for his surgery to be completely successful, and for his mother to be surrounded by the peace of God while we wait.

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