Safely through Catheterization

Today Bilal, Mohammed and Ikram had their heart catheterizations done. By the time Donna, Denise and I got to the hospital Bilal was already finished and we found him in his room; Mohammed was having his catheterization and Ikram was being wheeled to the 1st floor to have his.

Because Bilal is so young he had a harder time keeping still. They have to lay straight for at least 4 hours after the cath. We had to help hold him down because he kept wanting to move his legs, turn over or sit up. Other then this he did very well and after about 4 hours he drank water and ate a McDonalds meal we had gotten him. It came with a toy dog and he seemed to like it.

His mother was very tired but stayed right by him. Doctor Alona told Donna that everything went well. Be praying for him. Pray that all 3 of these children will have good reports coming back. We really appreciate all of you.

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