Deia 's Heart Surgery


Deia Dismissed From Hospital

Posted on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 00:00 by Donna_Petrel


Deia and his mother were able to return to their home in Gaza today. Deia's mother was excited and thankful to be able to leave, and had everything packed hours before we could actually leave the hospital. Deia still has a post-surgery cough, but overall is doing well in his recovery.

After preliminary tests were finished for Tarza and Rezhin, everyone was ready to go home, and we helped load up the bags Deia's mom had collected during her stay. It was early evening as we headed to the border with our van packed to the max with both people and luggage. At the Gaza border, inspection of the bags is mandatory, and because Deia's mom had so many items, it was a long process. It was also necessary to call for someone from inside the terminal to help her push the stroller with Deia along with the other carts of her belongings, so we tried to keep Deia happy as we waited. Eventually the wait became so long that Deia's mom suggested I go ahead and join the others in the van so we could head back to Jerusalem. Since the Iraqi mothers and children were waiting there, along with the other volunteers, I decided that was the best choice, so I left Deia and his mom waiting for the help to enter with their several carts.

Please keep praying for little Deia's recovery. We do not yet know when his final surgery will be scheduled, but how he progresses now will help determine the timing. Pray for Deia's mother too as she cares for him and as she waits for his last surgery. May God's lovingkindness overflow as Deia's healing journey continues.

Out of the ICU, Deia and Mom Feeling Better

Posted on Sun, 11/02/2008 - 00:00 by Esther_Mueller

As we brought Shada's stuff back to her room (cause she unexpectably would stay one more night), we met Deia and his mam there. Deia is out of ICU and and his mother is obviously happy about that. She takes very good care of her son, and was happily feeding him when we left. It seemed her sorrows that he'll need a second surgery are almost gone.

I am astonished how good Deia looks. He reacted when I spoke to him, even though they were only German words. I'm sure he has no pain, because he didn't make any trouble when his mother took him out of bed for this photo in the blog.

We don't know when the second operation will be. So please pray for a quick decision of the doctors, so the progress of healing can proceed.

Doing Well Following Today's Surgery; Will Need Second Heart Surgery

Posted on Thu, 10/30/2008 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey

I met up with Deia's mother in the waiting room during Deia's surgery today. We sat there together awhile, and then Chuck, Kay, Esther, Sara, and Sara's father joined us. We all went to the hospital mall for lunch. Going down the hall, I said to her, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if the surgery didn't take seven hours, and if Deia would do well?"

When Deia's mother saw one of the doctors and asked her about the surgery, she said it was over, so we went back. Deia was in ICU already. Deia's mom had to wait to go in to see him. When they went in, something started beeping. When they pulled the sheets down, and his mother saw all the tubes connected to him, she got upset.

Then one of the other doctors told her that Deia would need another operation. The doctor explained to her that he was doing well, and would just need another operation to repair a little hole in his heart and it would be nothing to worry about.

Thank God, Deia's doing well. God's word says that He knew us before we were even formed in the womb, and that He is our creator. He's Deia's creator. He can touch Deia's heart and heal it through these doctors.

Thanks for being a part of this ministry and making this possible.

Deia Faces Eight-Hour Surgery Tomorrow

Posted on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 00:00 by Keleigh_Glisson

I visited Deia and his mother this evening at the hospital. While Deia was peacefully sleeping, his mother was walking from room to room visiting other patients and friends. She confirmed that Deia would be having his surgery tomorrow. She continued with a look of worry by saying, "You know that it will be eight hours?"

Deia will be taken into surgery tomorrow morning at 8 AM and if everything goes well, he will be out around 4 PM. Please pray for the doctors as they attempt to heal his heart. Pray also for his mother as she is forced to wait eight hours to hear the results of her son's operation.

New Hope as Deia Reaches Israel

Posted on Sun, 10/26/2008 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey

This little fellow came in from Gaza last Thursday. He is a year old, but is very small for his age. He is another little one with a precious smile. His mother told Alex that his surgery is scheduled for Thursday. He really needs this surgery because his heart defect could take his life at any time.


Please pray for him and believe with us and the doctors that this will be another successful surgery. Jesus does love all the little children and they are precious in His sight. Thanks for your prayers and support.